Mary Ellen Mark by:Janelle Holloman p.7

Mary Ellen Mark was born March 20, 1940, She later died May 25, 2015
Her style of photography was portraiture, and advertising photography.
Some techniques she used were, Immerse yourself, Push the limits, Wait for your subjects, don't crop, and Photograph what intrigues you.
She worked for, Streetwise, and Ward 81 and other companies
Mark uses a wide variety of equipment to achieve her unique imagery, ranging from 35 mm to large-format 4x5. For her 35mm work, she sometimes uses Leica M6 TTL, a rangefinder camera, and the Canon EOS-IN with 24mm, 28mm, and 35mm lenses (“the Canon autofocusing system is fantastic”). On occasion, she uses the Hasselblad X-Pan, (with its new 30mm lens). She also works in medium format, and uses Hasselblad cameras (usually with a 60mm lens), and the Mamiya 7 (with 65mm, 50mm, and 43mm lenses).
She used to use no artificial light at all, and shot everything in 35mm, but she learned from lighting directors that its smart to use light.
Mary recognized her love of photography at the early age of nine and her first camera was a Kodak Brownie.
Mary only likes to shoot pictures in black and white. She also wanted to take pictures of things other people were to afraid to.
I like Mary Ellen Marks photographs because she has her own style and doesn't do what other people tell her to do. I selected this photographer because it was the only name on the list I could remember.

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