At The Bat By: Scout Wisse

"Mom!! I'm going to the sandlot!" Jimmy seemed to scream to the whole neighborhood. "Ok! Stay safe and put on a sweatshirt!" His mother struggled to yell as loud as him. Jimmy was always a yeller, which helped him scream loud in baseball. His absolute favorite sport was baseball, he loved it so much, he never seemed to stop playing it, or talking about it for that matter.

He stepped outside into the breeze and it pushed his shaggy blonde hair out of his eyes. The summers always seemed to be pretty cool in Hartford, Connecticut, where they lived. The weather was always, "Great for playing baseball" according to Jimmy. Jimmy always liked to make jokes that never actually seemed to be funny but his friends knew to laugh at them anyways, otherwise Jimmy would keep asking why it wasn't funny and never stop trying to make it better. All Jimmy and his friends really did was play baseball out at the sandlot and occasionally go to the arcade to play a japanese video game called pac-man which was just introduced to the U.S.. Jimmy was fast, though he had stubby legs, he weighed almost nothing so he didn't have to carry much.

He always seemed to be blowing his hair out of his eyes and when he did it was like looking into the clearest of seas. Jimmy was twelve about to turn thirteen, he was the oldest one out of all of his baseball friends. All of them were twelve and a couple were eleven. Even though he wasn't much older than them, he liked to act like he was in charge as if he was the coach or boss of them all. Jimmy left around 3:00 PM everyday to go meet his friends at the sandlot. They played baseball for about two hours, then they would just hang out for a half an hour. After that, they all split up and rode their bikes home to go eat dinner. And Jimmy would watch a movie before bed, preferably Airplane, because that was his favorite and it was ranked number four. But today was a little different.

Jimmy arrived at the sandlot and right away and his friends were talking about how the Pittsburgh steelers became first in the NFL. Jimmy told them, "We don't have time to talk about football, let's play some baseball!!" They started with a couple of warm-ups. Their warm-ups were just swinging at the ball a couple times with their bats and throwing the ball at the fence. Jimmy noticed a girl at the opposite side of the sandlot. He started to walk over to her. "Hey! Jimmy! where are you going?" one of the boys yelled over to him. Jimmy yelled back, "I'm going to make a new friend!" As he got closer he noticed the girl had long legs and long brown hair. She was very skinny and her hair matched her hazel eyes.

Jimmy finally reached the girl and said, "Hi. I'm Jimmy, I noticed you watching us play baseball." "Hi I'm Charlotte, I saw you guys playing baseball and I thought I would just watch for a little bit while I wait for my mom to pick me up." she replied. "Ok cool. Do you want to play?" "No thanks. Girls don't usually play baseball." she refused. "Well maybe next time?" Jimmy insisted. "No! I can't play baseball." Charlotte began to argue but Jimmy wouldn't let it go. They started to argue. "Girls can't play baseball!" "Yes they can!" back and forth they continued to argue. Her mom came and picked her up a little while later and he noticed that the car was a big green van. That type of car wasn't very common.

She hopped in her mom's car and they drove away. Jimmy just decided to go over to his friends and continue to play baseball. He went back over there and noticed that his baseball was gone. he had it in his hands earlier but then he put it down when he started to talk to Charlotte. He set it right next to her bag. when Jimmy turned away she grabbed the baseball and put it in her bag. Jimmy felt really bad for arguing but he was also mad because she took his baseball! He finally made a new friend and right away it turns into an enemy. Jimmy screwed a lot of things up but he didn't usually get into fights because people just agreed with him. He decided to apologize to her next time he saw her.

On the way home Jimmy drives past a blue small house with a big green van parked in the front. he gets off of his bike and walks up to the front door. His palms are sweaty and his legs are shaking. Slowly, he lifts his hand up to ring the doorbell. A woman comes to the door and opens it. "Hi, I'm Jimmy. Does Charlotte live here?" "Oh, hi Jimmy. yes Charlotte does live here, would you like me to go get her?" the nice woman asked. "Yes please, thank you." Jimmy replied. The door was cracked open so he could see a wooden table with a few papers and a personal computer on it which came as a surprise to him because personal computers were just made and Charlotte's parents already had one! A couple of minutes later, Charlotte stepped outside and asked, "What do you want?" "I'm sorry to bother you, I just wanted to apologize and I was wondering if sometime maybe you would want to hang out?" Jimmy nervously asked. "Oh, well I am sorry too. I got a little out of hand. And ya, I'd like to hang out sometime. I just moved here so I don't have many friends."

"Ok great! But can I just ask why you hate baseball so much?" Jimmy wondered. "Well I don't hate it, I actually love it! But when I tried to play baseball at my old school people would make fun of me. so I guess girls can't play baseball." charlotte sighed. "Of course girls can play baseball!! girls can do anything they want! So can guys! You don't have to be a certain gender in order to play a sport! It would be really fun if you came and played baseball with my buddies and me!" "really!? Are you sure? won't people make fun of me?" Charlotte excitedly blurted out. "Of course not! You are free to do whatever and nobody will mind!" "oh well that's just great! I am so excited to play baseball with you guys! I will give you your baseball back, i'm sorry I took it in the first place." Charlotte states. "Oh no, it's ok! You can keep it, I have plenty more at home! And since you are one of us now, you'll need it. Jimmy's phone started to ring. His ringtone is, "Another Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd, it was the number two song in america and Jimmy's favorite. He picks up and it's his mom telling him to come home because dinner is ready.

Jimmy bikes home and decides not to watch Airplane. He lays in bed thinking about his new friend Charlotte, baseball and the importance that no matter your gender, you can do whatever. The next day he comes to the sandlot seeing Charlotte running bases and she is amazing at baseball. Girls and boys can do whatever they want and they shouldn't have to feel ashamed about it. There are no sports just for girls or boys. You are free to do whatever you want. Remember that.

A japanese video game named pac-man is introduced to the U.S.

The #2 song is “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd

Airplane is #4 ranked movie

Personal computer is made

Pittsburgh Steelers become first in the NFL


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