The World According To Aidan G.


Mt. Everest, is it worth the risk or not?

You should not climb mountain everest because there is a high percentage of death, you may be able to reach the summit of the mountain but on the way down you could slip and hit your head on a rock and go into a coma and likely die. There is also a chance of freezing to death, not being climatized so dies and falling into a cliff / an avalanche of a unprepared people who don't know a bad weather is coming for them. While climbing you could find dead bodies and find yourself hurting a person behind you because of the spikes on your shoes. Not only is there a chance of death but it cost money to climb it, the people who own Mount Everest and manages people who get on it also would force you to pick up trash!

Mount Everest

Globalization- making the world stronger or weaker?

Globalization is making the world stronger because it is opening up more chances to get jobs for example clothes need cotton so people can become cotton farmers. Another reason it is making the world stronger is because all countries can be apart of it and everyone can be happy and share credit. If only one country has shirts the other countries won't be able to sell shirts and it would be harder for that country to earn money, but if all countries help win one project all countries get money like for example making an iPad needs programming and needs an outside case to keep the chip and make a case so that the iPad looks good, pretend China made the outside of the iPad but America programmed and put the chip in but Europe made a case. All of these continents get profit and working together gets more ideas through each person's mind, making it easier to produce things and if we produce things all continents will work together and working together means no war. Globalisation will make the world come together and it will benefit because all who helped make a product gets paid.


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What is the most effective form of government?

The most effective style of government is representative democracy. It is a good style of government because the citizens get to elect who rules their country. I think that it is good to have some of the citizens vote instead of forcing them to vote, furthermore, the citizens are happy because their government does not have full control over them. It is a good style of government because the congress can impeach the president if enough citizens vote for the congress to impeach the president. I think that this is good because if the elective makes a bad decision such as abusing his/her power then the congress will impeach him/her. The most effective style of government is representative democracy because it not only gets everybody to communicate but it makes the country’s rights and powers stay under control.

Rule book

What makes a good citizen?

A good citizen must follow all the laws and rules of his or her country, is informed about the world around them, respect the rights of others, pay their taxes, and take responsibilities for their own actions. A good citizen should always try to be involved when there is help needed.

Most of the types of government and what goes with what.

What forces work for or against supranational cooperation among nations?

The EU works for supranational cooperation because they give leadership and power so that all countries are equal.The EU has gave power to other countries before, when the countries join the EU each country gives power to the new country so they are all equal.

The EU flag.

how do people adapt to living in a desert region?

People adapt to the desert region by changing into light clothes. in the textbook it says that some nomads wear light clothes to protect themselves from hurting themselves. it is a good idea to wear light clothes to stop from overheating, blackouts and maybe even some heart problem. it will be easier to travel to nearby oases and other places like wells or nearby stores. It will be easier to wear clothes so you don't have to be heated up and you can travel easier. it is good travel easier or else you might blackout in one of the roads on the way to a well or some sort of thing. people can change their clothes to have a better life and can make it easier to travel, avoid blackouts or overheating and heart problems.

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Having a valuable resource will raise the GDP of a country. Having oil may help the GDP of a country because it is the majority of most of many country's money growth. The reason for good money growth is that so the president could buy military things or buy things for the people in the country. Having oil could help many people in the country that found oil very much on the life expectancy of per capita. Life expectancy of each person in a country is very important for each country because if the life expectancy in one country is for example: 100 people die in 5 minutes the president would be killed in no time. If the valuable item cannot be renewable it would be not so much money you would get but if the valuable item is renewable it could help your country for a long time.

Gold; a valuable resource

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