My Portfolio Amanda Saleeba's Artwork using Photoshop and Illustrator

We were asked to draw on Photoshop, and it took some time to finish. We used the dodge tool and the burn tool to create highlights and shadows.
This Photoshop creation used multiple steps to blend the night sky with the existing sky, create the light shining from the window, the mist, the rain etc.
This is the big surrealism project that took me forever to blend. I had the objects in the water look like they were submerged somewhat in the water. It also took me forever to find a picture of a swirly hole and blend it in the ocean without it looking weird. The sky used to be cotton candy pink but now it is a reddish color, that adds an end of the world vibe.
This is a bit of a different project, where we created a painting form a picture. It required no real brushes and instead seems like I'm cheating because we paint over the picture.
I got the hang of creating paintings from pictures and it still seems like I am cheating in making a painting from a photo.
I felt this character was a bit tricky, it was difficult to add color. I played with the layers so that the line segments would be on the top and the colored shapes would be on top.
This cartoon had many line segments and had me play a bit more with line width. Coloring was also a bit troublesome because I didn't understand the live paint bucket tool.
This was the first time using the live paint bucket tool and it was simply amazing because dropping the color in was as simple as a click. This moment, I felt confident in using Illustrator, creating line segments and then dropping in the color.

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