NOX Noctis fashion look book

So what is Crux fashion?

Crux is a lifestyle choice where one lets their inner shadows show on the outside. If you want to show off that inner scowl, swordplay, and urban explore you've come to the right place.

This look is inspired by the Goth movement with evolving Urban and Sports aesthetics. From skinny jeans and leather jackets to drop crotch pants and sports cleats any wearing this gear can start their urban adventure from the tallest building to the shadiest back alleyway.

Crux: Not Just A Phase...
King Noctis is currently a major face of Crux fashion updating many of his father’s looks to fit a younger generation. His collection consists of many different fashion designers from well-known designer Melody Ingram of Reckless Studs [Insomnia] to newcomer Eric Salazar of Scissors and Daggers [Altissia].
Fall Fashion Week: Leisurely Looks...
Stephane Haggard of Sheepish Nights put out her recent leisurewear line “Sports Arcanist” at Insomnia’s Fall Fashion Week. Her slogan “why dress like we’re stuck in the old era of Cave Robes and Mage Hats, when you can dress like the street magician and acrobat you were born to be.” While a tame look, her collection is a hit among critics.
Updating the fashion game is Melody Ingram’s “Urbanist Chic”. The look has been updated to be durable for adventuring around Eos but also relaxed for those times when hanging out with the crew.
Industry Innovations
A newcomer on the fashion scene Kelly Ashburn of Scissors and Daggers designed a new set of battle armor called “The Urban Samurai”. This armor is the infusion of magic and science. Users can infuse magic into the designs runes as well as install force engines for faster movement and defense magic. She is currently being given a grant by Insomnia’s ministry of Research and Development for further development. If designs go mainstream this could be a game changer for mercenaries and hunters around Eos.
MORBID designer Morticia Del Cruz unveils her latest creation “The Spiked Witch” at the Divine Eyes Gala in Insomnia. The vest and accessory combo was inspired by hanging around the Kingsglaive members while off duty and during training. The hat,mask,and glasses set provides and intimidating look while also protecting the user from blind, poison, and mute. And finally the Jacket gives the user double their normal protection as well. Del Cruz said that she wanted to create a look for the less regal members of the Kingslgaive. The Combination will run you about 4,000 Gil each.
We here at the Broken Golden Needle are glad to provide you the latest looks and trends all over Eos.
Created By
Marcus Crox


Created with images by MichaelGaida - "rain puddle water" • Matthew Henry - "High-rises in black and white"

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