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Exercise 2

Between the years 1346 to 1353, the bubonic plague, or the “Black Plague”, swept across Europe and Eurasia causing the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million deaths. Today, there is a new plague that is spreading itself across not only Europe, but the world, drugs, or at least the abuse of it. Drug abuse have caused approximately 40 000 deaths annually since 2002 and that average increases exponentially every year.

5 Lethal Drugs on the Street


Although commonly used as horse tranquilliser, this addictive drug has been known to cause the “K-Hole” effect, a psychological condition that makes the user detach from reality and thereby endanger the user. Additionally, ketamine also causes bladder problems and memory loss. Withdrawal symptoms can also causes permanent nerve danger.

2. Purple Drank

Purple Drank is actually a mix of ingredients that include cough syrup. A popular drug back in the the 90’s due to it being in a number of famous artist’s songs. This drug can cause wooziness and is also linked to heart failures and respiratory problems

3. Methadone

A type of opioid steroid, typically used as a painkiller. This drug has a recent upturn in popularity due to its easy access. It can cause weakness, nausea and in the end respiratory problems

4. Heroin

Heroin is an age old drug with an infamous reputation. It is one of the most destructive substances in the world. A drug that is easy to overdose due to its extremely addictive nature, its has been proven to cause damage to the kidneys, liver, circulatory systems and lungs. The most worst attributes of heroine is its addictive nature which causes many users to be sapped of their soul.

5. Cocaine

The champion of drugs. It increases levels of dopamine, the feel good hormone, and causes excessive build up in the nerves. Long-term health hazards include severe bowel decay, movement disorders such as Parkinson disease as well as increase risk of sexually transmitted diseases through the sharing of needles.

Assignment 3: Infographic

Chat Stickers

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Surprise sketch. The grooves of the helmet is higher and the helmet eye holes are bigger to convey the emotion of surprise
This is the base sketch. From this face it changes emotions accordingly.
Happy sketch. Helmet eyes are closed and the holes become smaller and angle downwards to convey happiness.
Sad sketch. Eyes angles downwards to convey sadness
Angry sketch. I tried to make the lines more harsher and edgy to convey the emotion of anger.

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