Weak CME Arrives and Sparks Aurora By Khiera

When: January 9th. 2014 at 2:32PM E.S.T

Where: This event occurred in Norway.

How: The solar particles and magnetic fields in the Coronal Mass Ejections trigger the release of particles that are trapped near earth, which in turn makes the oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the upper atmosphere release a photon(a bundle of electromagnetic energy). Which results in the Northern Lights.

The Importance of This Event: I feel that the importance of this event shows you and creates the understanding of how northern lights are created and how we are able to see the beautiful show in the sky, and just shows how close some of the Coronal Mass Ejections come to earth.

Coronal Mass Ejection explodes off the sun.

MLA Citation: Zell, Holly. "Weak CME Arrives and Sparks Aurora." NASA. NASA, 17 Apr. 2015. Web. 27 Feb. 2017.

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