snazzy snoopy By: max s.

First I went to photoshop and tried to make a perfct snoopy with woodstock wearing a santa hat on top 3D print, but it didn't work out. I tried at least 25 times with the pen (an electronic pen you draw with on a pad connected to the computer) and it still didn't work out.
Then I got help froma classmate and they told me I could just take a picture off the internet, trace it, and customize it to make it my own.It took so long to find the perfect picturebut I found it (it is not the one in the picture shown above)
Then I set to work tracing and earasing and starting over nonstop. I eventually traced it almost perfectly and it looked amazing.
I then printed the 3D print in a printer like the one shown above.
My teacher said my print would take like 25-30 minute, but it felt like 25-30 years. The next day after my print was printed, I couldn't wait to see it and bring it home to show my family. When I held it in my hands, I felt great. I was so happy with my design.
I learned that you can't get everything right the first time, pretty thins take time.

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