JANUARY 2018 Interview with Lara Gonzalez

Today's Interview is with Lara Gonzalez, a Digital Marketing Consultant in Austin.

Hello Lara, thanks for joining me today at the GIFTBOX AUSTIN for a business meeting! I have learned a lot today from our meeting about small business SEO in Austin! Let's go over some main topics, and get a few questions answered for some of us that don't know exactly what SEO is, and why it's beneficial to hire a company to work on your SEO and Social Media Management for small businesses.

Lara Gonzalez Photo By Valerie Aiello at GIFTBOX AUSTIN

1. Let's Start with what is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Can you give us a basic explanation of what it is, and why it's important to small businesses in Austin?

"SEO is the practice of increasing traffic to your business through improving your rankings on local and organic searches. Your business needs to prove that it is relevant to consumer searches in order for search engines to offer your business as an option." -Lara Gonzalez
- Lara Gonzalez

2. You explained to me that there are two different elements of SEO. One is the SEO a person creates and manages internally inside a website design, and the SEO created externally on search engines and directory listings on the internet. The company you work for RevLocal, handles the external SEO for small businesses as a monthly service. You mentioned that there are between 80-200 different listings and search platforms that someone could be found on. What are some of the benefits of working with a company like yours, as a monthly service, updating the SEO on these search and listing sites on a regular basis?

"We are a personalized digital marketing solution to your business. Monthly monitoring, fluctuating as your business changes, and implementing the newest digital rollouts. New and correct information rolled out consistently about your business validates you as the right answer to search engines. It also creates a buzz and the internet takes notice. If a search engine finds it easy to gather information about you, then customers find that information faster. Business owners struggle with a growing list of demands daily and adding the juggle of 80-200 directories as a monthly task is where we take the reins." - Lara Gonzalez
- Lara Gonzalez

3. We had talked about similar searches on different devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, and voice searches, might come up with different results for people searching. How does an expert like you help make your clients come up as a relevant search for potential customers?

"Our focus is how we build marketing as technology changes. The drive to mobile searching increases, because our phones are so much more powerful and people need the most up to date info. As voice search grows, the results get even more filtered. Whichever search platform people use on every device, we optimize your company to be found." - Lara Gonzalez
- Lara Gonzalez

4. Once a small business hires a company like RevLocal for their monthly search engine and directory listing SEO management, is it a long process to get some analytics back on how quality SEO execution can generate more foot traffic, and ultimately more sales?

"Typically we have a custom dashboard of analytics in 30-45 days. We deliver them and review them with you monthly as well as suggest industry specific changes that we see companies like yours benefit from. We collaborate with your efforts and needs because we are part of your team!" - Lara Gonzalez
- Lara Gonzalez

5. Once a business signs up to use your services, you do a monthly meeting with your client to go over how the SEO management is going from the previous month. What sort of topics do you discuss in that monthly meeting?

"We discuss everything! Clicks, calls, conversions, your website analytics, Facebook analytics, trends, comparisons over periods of time, keyword analytics all in hyper detail so you can be in control and see your ROI. We review your goals and then we game plan for the next month." - Lara Gonzalez
- Lara Gonzalez

6. You had mentioned that your company also provides some social media management services. Can you tell me a little bit about what types of services RevLocal provides?

" Customers are doing more research before buying than ever. Social media influences customer behavior and also enhances their buying experience. Creative, talented writers and designers create original content that your customers will want to engage in. We distribute the content to the right audience and gain new followers with Social Media Optimization. Improve your website visits with consistent, relevant content that boosts your website’s SEO value. " - Lara Gonzalez
- Lara Gonzalez

6. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some of our questions. I know this information will be very helpful for some business owners that have no idea how SEO can help their business, and that there is a company here in Austin that can help them on a monthly basis. Lastly, can you give us an example of a SEO success story that you have witnessed during your time as a SEO consultant?

- Lara Gonzalez
" I would love to! My two examples are the tastiest! Slab BBQ has a great story. A food truck serving Friday night home cooking turned into brick and mortar and into fame. Loving Austin’s growing poke options lately? We thank Ola Poke, who has been a mega trend setter on the scene! I love food so I wanted to shout them out and please reach out to me if you would like to speak to industry specific businesses that we have partnered with." - Lara Gonzalez
Photo of Lara Gonzalez by Valerie Aiello at GIFTBOX AUSTIN

If you would like to contact Lara to talk about SEO and Social Media Content Creation please email her here:

Lara Gonzalez - Digital Marketing Consultant lgonzalez@revlocal.com

- Valerie Aiello

Thanks for taking the time to read this Interview! If you would like to contact Valerie Aiello please email her here:

Valerie Aiello - Owner of GIFTBOX AUSTIN valerieaiello@gmail.com

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