Pop Art blog By: WIll Heldman

3/8/17 - We selected the artist that inspires us, I chose Romero Britto. I researched the artwork and started drawing sketches based on Romero's inspiration.

3/12/17 - We touched up our sketches while we waited for Ms. McCall to come around and approve them. I felt pretty confident in my sketches. I eagerly await drawing on the large white sheet.

3/14/17 - I had to redo my sketches because Ms. McCall implied that they are all awful. So I did that the entire class. I thought my original sketches were pretty decent, but the newer ones I made are much better.

3/20/17 - I continued working on my sketches to please Ms. McCall's artistic view. I began working on the larger version of the sketches, and started the white paper final design for my front and back covers.

3/22/17 - We drew our large cover on white paper and outlined it the whole class. I was happy on how the thickness of the sharpie and the design of the picture turned out.

3/24/17 - I stressfully finished coloring the front and back cover of our popart booklet. Ms. McCall said this was due friday, but pretty much everyone is still working on it. The upper half of the scene is poorly colored, if I had more time I could improve it. I didn't even have enough time to color the bottom half of the background.

3/28/17 - I finished coloring the top part of the white sheet and cut it. I attempted to paste the white sheet onto the large black sheet, but failed utterly. I was disappointed in my glueing ability but next class I will make up for it.

3/30/17 - I glued both parts of my cover to the cardboard and turned them in. I began drawing the two other large white sheets to turn in next week. I was pretty proud of my cover pages, they had bold colors and they were well drawn.

4/18/17 - I finished coloring the front side of the second large white sheet of paper. Compared to the progress of the rest of the people at my table, I seem pretty far along. Yet, compared to the due date, I'm basically at square one. I was pretty proud of my work so far and will continue to improve it as I progress through the project.

4/20/17 - Last class I began looking at the sketch I had drawn a while ago and starting to do preliminary sketches on the back side of the large white piece of paper. It's very stale and boring, and I am sad because the sharpie on the back bled through. It's going to be difficult to recover from that.

4/24/17 - After drawing one corner of the second large sheet, I colored it in a criss-cross red-blue pattern. It is probably the worst part of the project compared to the rest of it. When I complete that, I will move onto the large American flag in the middle.

4/26/17 - I finished coloring the American flag in class and took the rest home. At home, I finished drawing and coloring the rest of the entire sheet. I'm extremely proud of the flag, definitely believe it is the best part of the project.

4/28/17 - The large paper was then cut into two halves and the ends of those halves were glued together to be made into an accordion shape. I started cutting random shapes into the accordion, but the cuts had to be meaningful so I stopped doing that quickly.

5/2/17 - As the project progressed, the cuts became more meaningful and popouts were made. I was disappointed on how underwhelming the popouts are compared to the rest of the product, but it'll have to do for now.

5/4/17 - After completing the cutting, the accordion was glued onto the front and back cover I made earlier. The accordion flushed quite well on the front cover, but the back cover was not impressive. Hopefully I receive a good grade on the project, as I worked pretty hard on it.

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