Bird Week Review A Blackbird Academy Learning Unit

BIRD WEEK at Blackbird Academy ended on Saturday May 9th.

  • It was a week of fun and learning...
  • Our little blackbirds loved it!
  • Our Bird Week Learning Unit consisted of various bird-related Lessons and Activities.
  • We focused on the four Candidates in the #VanCityBird Campaign sponsored by the City of Vancouver.
  • The four feathered Candidates campaigned mostly on Twitter (how fitting!); here they are:
Candidate Birds (L-R): Barn Owl, Barn Swallow, Peregrine Falcon, Western Grebe
We emailed our Bird Week "Fundamentals" Lesson to Blackbird families as the week began...great to hear you looked over it with your kids!

The Fundamentals Lesson reviewed key vocabulary and facts such as the Candidate birds' names; what they look like; where they live, and what they eat.

  • Short videos were included in the Lesson so the children could see the birds in their natural habitats and in flight.
  • We all learned some cool facts:

Did you know the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal in the world?!

Following the Lesson, each child 'voted' for her or his favourite bird:

  • Steps in the voting activity included the Teacher asking the children to think about which bird they liked most and why.
  • With the children watching, the Teacher then wrote each child's name on an egg-shaped 'voting ballot' (saying each letter as she wrote it).
  • Next, the children took turns placing their 'egg-ballots' in one of four ballot boxes, each one featuring a picture of a Candidate bird:
A vote for Peregrine Falcon because "This guy goes so fast!"
  • When all the children in the group had cast their vote, they watched as the Teacher retrieved the egg-ballots from the boxes and affixed them to a big wall chart.
Wall Chart voting results from Monday
  • The Teacher then helped the children count each bird's votes on the wall chart.
  • Next, they talked about who appeared to be the group's favourite bird (who had 'more' votes and the 'most' votes, etc.).
  • The voting activity ended with comments about the special things about each bird,
  • and a reminder that voting would continue for the next few days:
"It will be fun to see how other children vote!" the teaChers declared
  • Every child that attended Blackbird during Bird Week cast a vote for their favourite bird.
  • We updated the Wall Chart everyday; children that attended multiple Bird Week days were able to see changes in the Chart:
Favourite Bird Wall Chart showing cumulative voting results (a few days in)
  • Below we reveal the children's Overall Favourite Bird skipping ahead now! 😄

Additional Lessons and Activities in our Bird Week Learning Unit included:

Making Bird Feeders: a nice example of nature-minded upcycling
Bird Nest: the blackbirds collected nest materials from around the classroom (e.g, grass, twigs), then the Teacher helped them put it all together; Look how the nest changed over the week
After a Lesson on 'Body Parts of a Bird,' some children drew pictures of the Candidate Birds; others chose to colour-in Candidate pictures
Bird Watching around the classroom: check out those awesome home-made binoculars!

As you can imagine, there were all kinds of Embedded Learning Opportunities in all of the Bird Week Lessons and Activities...not to mention Obvious Fun!

Fun, Activity-Based Learning: That's what Blackbird Academy's Curriculum is all about...

...and Bird Week was exemplary of the educational Childcare we strive to deliver every day!

You and your amazing children made Bird Week a great experience for all! Thank you!

Okay, here's the Big REVEAL...

...the last votes are in and... the BLACKBIRDS' FAVOURITE BIRD IS...

...the beautiful Barn Owl!! Congratulations!

The FINAL RESULTS (3:30 PM, May 9)

...and Congrats to all the Bird Week Candidates: you bring genuine wealth to our beautiful city!

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