Yoga for College Students simple resolution for stressed out students

The background image of my presentation is of a large group of women and men of all ages to show that yoga is for everyone.

As one can clearly tell from these three images, college can be stressful. Students often have nights such like they are having in these images frequently, and the only thing that they know to turn to is coffee to keep their energy up.
These two images above show the variety of people that yoga can be a stress relief to. The first is of a young girl in good shape and the second image is of a pre-natal yoga class. These images prove that yoga can be a relaxing, stress-releasing practice that anyone can participate in.
In the image above, one can take from this picture that this is a woman who practices yoga and seems to be of high spirits while doing her work.

This image shows how the practice of yoga works on one's flexibility, posture, and bone strength. All of which are physical health benefits

This image is also much like the last in how it is showing that yoga works on flexibility and increasing one's range of motion in his or her joints and muscles.

This image is of the human brain and I chose it to portray the mental health benefits that the practice of yoga provides.


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