Angela Houston Marketing and Advertising Professional

I am a CHANGE MAKER notorious for flipping the script on traditional strategies and utilizing emerging technology for creative storytelling.

Together let's bring innovative out-of-the-box thinking into a buzz worthy and show stopping reality.

Key Interest. Emerging Technology.

I developed an innovative advertising campaign using VR technology to generate buzz and brand awareness for Samsung. Timed to coincide with the new season premiere, participants were transported into the fantastical world of George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones. With over 550,000 Facebook likes, the success of this campaign secured Z2000 Marketing as the Agency of Record in 2016.

Been there. Done that. What's next? I stay up to date on all emerging technology. It's a great catalyst for new ideas. If it isn't part of your marketing strategy, you are missing out on a huge piece of the pie.

Core Experience. Social Media and Content Marketing.

Devised a "National Staycation" holiday to encourage people to book within their own city and to introduce a new category of Hilton Hotels. A Facebook Live campaign leveraged user generated content, with videos averaging 50,000+ live views. And 10,000+ bookings nationwide were generated from this campaign.

I partnered with social media and celebrity influencers to promote travel insurance by creating an engaging Snapchat challenge for Allstate Insurance, a traditional Fortune 500 company. This campaign attracted 275,000+ challenge participants who were between 18-29 year old. And travel insurance subscriptions increased by 40%.

Let's leverage social media beyond the selfie. I can create a compelling story in any landscape. Social media and content marketing is at the heart of everything and anything I do. No matter what I put out there, my posts are guaranteed to get the most likes and new followers.

Expert Level. Event Marketing AKA Professional Party Planner.

Produced MarTech 2016, a sold out marketing and technology conference with 100,000 more attendees than the previous year. The facial recognition digital experience was trending on Twitter for 3 weeks after the event, with over 1 million tweets total. P.S. We caught 300+ people with fake entry badges, which we thought was pretty awesome.

To launch QUENCHER, a new energy beverage brand, we were on the scene at all the hippest summer music festivals across the country. We used some sweet CG effects to create a fun and interactive photo booth. Then social media followers vote on the top 5 festival pics, which we incorporated into all of the out of home print ads. Festival goers who didn't get to experience quencher had major FOMO. #Summerquencher2016 was used over 900,000 times.

My events always sell out. And a black market usually exists for tickets to all my sold out events. Basically, I create FOMO everywhere I go.

The Final Rundown.

Awards and Recognition


Brand Director at Z2000 Marketing. 2009 to Present.

Creative Brand Marketing at Pluto Advertising. 2005 to 2009.

Social Media Manager at Stellar Marketing Agency. 2002 to 2005.


MBA University of California, Los Angeles 2002

BA Northwestern University 1994

Let's Flip That Script


Created with images by Brad_T - "Knights"

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