Lindau, Bavaria (Practice maKes perfect)

Today was the dress rehearsal for our Bodensee-Königssee Radweg. As with all dress rehearsals, there are many stops and starts and today was no exception.

After a very persuasive Graeme had influenced the majority during breakfast, it was agreed that we would all do a 40km (return trip) ride along Lake Constance with the destination also on the ferry line to assist those without bikes and provide a get out of jail card for those that wanted to ease in with just a 20km bike ride and return home on the ferry.

It was a ride to familiarise riders with their new steeds and also to familiarise with riding on the right! This went overall to plan until a roundabout with painted directional arrows still could not shake the need to go around on the left not the right!

With another perfect weather day, we all headed to the lakeside swimming spot to assimilate with the locals and enjoy a refreshing dip in the fresh water lake, except we all stood out when our winter bodies gave us away in comparison to the locals who all sported their summer seasoned tans!

Tomorrow the curtain will raise and the show will begin! Hopefully the dress rehearsal will have prepared us well!

The ride...

The scenery...

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Stephen Mathieson

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