The Quality Of Life Norway, CroAtia, nepal 

In my project exploring quality of life I have chosen to look at three countries across the world. The three countries I have chosen to work with are norway (Europe) croatia (Europe) and Nepal (south asia ). Quality of life in a given country is often gauged by the happiness or contentment of its people. In my project I am going to compare three elements of each country The three aspects I am going to explore include: literacy rate, average income, HDI rating. First I believe that having a high literacy rate yu will have a high average income because you can read and write good. So you can find a good job that has a high average income. Secondly I believe that if you have a lower average income you will have a low HDI raking and if you have a higher average income you will have a high HDI raTing. Finally I believe that if you have a good education your literacy rate will be good and if you have a not do good education your literacy rate will be bad. By exploring varying aspects of each is these countries I will look at whether th Quality Of Life in a country is directly related too statistical data that I have compiled.

#1 on the HDI SCALE


Norways QUALITY of life is very tey have a very good literacy rate is very good there percent is 99.8%, that's why they aRe one of the top countries thAt Have good literacy Rate. There avcerage income is so well that You get 120000 KRONER per yeaR.

Their literacy rate is 99.8% and their average income is $120000. This makes sense because if you can read and have a good paying job your income will be high enough for you to live comfortably. This is why I believe Norway’s HDI ranking is so high.

#145 th On the HDI SCAle


Nepals quality of life is not good they do not have a good literacy rate is 64%. They do not have a very good education tey do not have good schools to go to that's wHy they can not read or write. If you want a good paying job you won't becuase they can't read or write.

The literacy rate in Nepal is 64%. This make sense because if your literacy rate is low it generally means you can't read or write. This means that you will not do well in school and may not find a good paying job and will not be able to provide for you and your family.

#47Th in the hdi scale


Croatia quality of life Is good they have a very goid education Because there literacy rate is 98.3% they have good pay jobs and good education at school.

The level of education in Croatia is very good at 98.3%. Everyone in the country has access to free, compulsory education which means that all people must finish their schooling. When all people have to finish their schooling it leads to good education and good paying jobs. If you can read and write at a young age then when you're an adult you can get a good paying job for you and your family. This then increases your HDI.

You can see how the three countries are different. There is a direct relationship between education and HDI as you can see with Norway and Croatia. Where education is not as much of a focus the country’s HDI becomes lower just like in Nepal. All of the countries have positives and negatives and that's why people still live and go to them.

The country that I would like to help out the most is Nepal because they do not have a good quality of life and they don't have a very good education. So I would like to give them some books so they can read and learn about the book I would set up a book section in are school library and the students can bring a book to give to the kids in Nepal or they can take one if they like to. Then i would ship them off to the DIFFERENT scHoOls in the countey.

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