Nahanni An Exploratory Bouldering Expedition/Film

The objective of this expedition is to seek out and climb new boulders in the majestic and remote location in Canada’s North; Nahanni National Park, NWT.

Nahanni National Park is known for its pristine wilderness, raging rapids, and the daunting craggy peaks known as the Cirque of the Unclimbables. The latter is where this expedition will take place. Not high up on the cliffs; rather, among the boulders that are scattered in the valley below.

The inspiration behind this expedition was first sparked while Mark Scherle was searching for remote places to hike, and later while stumbling upon an old climbing film of Tommy Caldwell. Caldwell briefly mentions that it would be a great bouldering destination if it were not so remote.

The final goal of the project is to create a stunning feature length film and photo exhibit, which will be taken on a cross-country tour. The tale will truly unfold when the dedicated group of adventurers and artists come together and share their intimate stories and experience along the way.


Mark Scherle

Mark is an Ontario, Canada based photographer, and adventure athlete.

His story is as complex as it gets. In late 2008, he began his professional photography business, and has been working in the field ever since. He’s produced multiple exhibits showcasing his passion for capturing landscapes, and human adventure.

In 2012 he was diagnosed with a chronic digestive disease called Ulcerative Colitis. This setback has changed his life completely, but he finds relief by being active in nature. In particular, rock climbing. Now he uses his spare time to promote awareness for the disease.

In more recently years, Mark has picked up personal sponsorships for his climbing achievements. He’s reigned in his focus on producing new highball boulder problems, pushing his limits while sport climbing, and bringing the sport/lifestyle to the masses via his photography.


Peruzzo is a Brazilian image maker based between Brazil and Canada.

His work engages with themes of critical consciousness based on relationships to self, others, spirit and land; an Art of Connection: that which binds together both ancestral belonging to our own self-proclaimed futurisms; and through these stories, we not only remember, but we are re-made.

Currently pursuing a Masters in Social Dimensions of Health at the University of Victoria, his research employs mixed-media storytelling methodologies, Indigenous research methodologies and critical race theory to examine how place-based identities contribute to notions of wellbeing.

His relationship with the mountains started in 2012 when he began his work as a photographer in innumerous photo-climbing expeditions throughout Brazil. His work as a climbing-outdoors photographer and filmmaker focuses on the intimate relationships to Land and how they inform personal wellness and collective wellbeing.


When the expedition is complete, and the film and photos are produced the next step is to engage in touring the completed project. Showcasing our art (feature length movie and photo exhibit) on a cross-country road trip. Stops will be made at climbing centres, art centres, and university campuses. Hammering it out with some in-person marketing, that will not simply help people connect with the project on a human level, but also create a very engaged, supportive community.


Because of the nature of our project, particularly after the expedition is over, we can offer a very unique opportunity for marketing to a highly engaged community.

Some of what we can offer (but not limited to) is as follows:

• Social media marketing

• Direct advertisement in the film, and during the photo exhibits

• Product placement in film

• Direct link from websites

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