Brown Girl Dreaming Growing up into a strong writer

Me when I was little

Status Quo: I lived in South Carolina in the 1960's/1970's. I was born in a brick house on a dirt road in Nicholtown. I lived with my dad's parents, my siblings (Odella, Hope, Roman), and my mama (mom).

Call to Adventure: My mom gets a job in New York and she decides to visit New York to see if it's good enough for my family. My mom thought it was really nice and good enough so that's when we started to pack!

New York City

Assistance: My whole family was my assistance because they were the ones who were always with me. They confronted me because I was upset of leaving Nicholtown for innumerable ways like when I had to leave my grandparents and leave my hometown.

Departure: My mom heads to New York to see if it's a good fit and to see if it's safe enough for my family. When we were done packing, we left. All I could see was my grandparents crying.

Trials: There were a lot of ups and downs then. One of them is when my Aunt Kay dies from falling down the stairs at my house. We had to move out of my house because all we could smell was her perfume from on top of the staircase and when we were on top of the staircase all we could think about what Aunt Kay. Then I found out that my little brother (Roman) has to stay at the hospital for a while.

Approach: I visited my Uncle in jail. The jail was called Riker's Island in Dannemora. I go to my friend's (Maria) brother's (Carlos) baptism to see Carlos get baptized. I become friends with a new girl named Diana and Maria and I become best friends with her.

Riker's Island is a big prison where really bad inmates are held

Crisis: When my grandpa (daddy) dies from smoking too much. He started to smoke a lot so then he got really sick. He got worse and worse every single day. I knew he was going to die because he was smoking way too much but I knew I was going to be really upset about it.

Treasure/Result/New Life: I became a better writer in many ways because my teacher encouraged me to be better. I became stronger and braver. I ended up having more and more friends since I moved to New York. I thought I was going to be different from everybody but I learned to always be yourself in every way.

Resolution/Status Quo: My grandma moves out of her house in Nicholtown. My teacher tells me that I am going to end up being a strong and amazing writer. All of the communities and worlds will all mash up into one whole world. Your world will also still live even if your dead.

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Kylie Frank


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