Freebieservers reinventing gaming, one serVer at a time is a game server company foraying into the free game server space since 2013. The team consists of three members - each tasking care of operations, business and development respectively. The project has been largely bootstrapped in its pre-revenue stages with majority of income being re-invested into developing software for server management and expanding the on-site hardware.. The following is a charter on the current stage of the company, plans to expand in Q3 , Q4 2015 and the announcement of a new suite of advertising solutions being released by the company.

Current growth rates
  1. Company expanded its user base to 100,000 users between April 2014 and April 2015
  2. 48% of traffic incoming from European consumers showing massive potential for global expansion
  3. Present consumer base includes consumers from Lithuania , Saudi Arabia , Morocco and a suite of nations showing growing interest from other parts of the globe, inspite of being present only in America.
  4. Over 10,000 servers deployed, giving us access to 150,000 gamers in terms of user reach
  5. 1/3rd of all incoming traffic is from organic search terms, thanks to the website being #1 in Google for a number of search terms
  6. 1/3rd of all traffic comes from user referrals, showing potential for viral growth
  7. 1/3rd of all traffic come from the existing user base showing a sustained level of user retention that keeps up with the growth of the website
  8. Less than 20 usd spent on marketing - in an entire year !
  9. Advertising deals worth 10,000 USD closed since launch of partner programmes. Deal sizes expected to scale 10x
  10. Month on month growth rates of 25-30 percent sustained through Q1 2015
what separates us from the rest
  1. Combined gaming experience of over 15 years
  2. Ten years of experience in handling game servers
  3. Freemium model - removing entry barriers
  4. A La Carte pricing - attain premium for as little as 2 usd
  5. Wide reach through gaming clans and personal servers (over 30)
  6. Unique server management software developed from scratch - in house.
  7. Minimal infrastructure expenses maintained via direct acquisition of servers from partner hosts.
  8. User experience remains unclogged with advertisements by optimising ad campaigns to be relevant for end users
  9. Over 15 games supported
  10. Largest consumer base amongst businesses dealing in alt-currencies.
Financials from 2014
  • Raised 5500 usd from 72 backers from the NXT AE in September 2014, dividends of which have begun paying out.
  • Ran an advertising campaign for NXT in 2014, with a backing of 6000 USD
  • With over 10,000 Wallet sign ups in three weeks - single most effective advertising campaign in 18 months of NXT's operation
  • Rahul Sood - former board member from Razer, a happy customer :)
  • Monthly infrastructure expenses optimised to be as low as 600-1000 USD
  • Company looking into foraying into new spaces to further strengthen its user base and increase potential for monetization.
  • Expansion into minecraft initiated in Q1 2014 with setting up of a subsidy at
  • E-sports / tournaments being organised on a monthly basis with a pay to enter model
  • Ability to deliver video ads being developed into the server management software
  • Opinion polls being embedded into in- game experience being developed to enable brands to garner market insights in real time.
  • Potential to expand into a full fledged advertising agency catering to gamers.
  • Expected advertising inventory of 500,000 predicted for June 2015 intends to grow into a full fledged solution providing advertisers a means to comminicate effectively with the gaming demographic. With the largest user base and some of the most effective ad campaigns in the history of crypto - we intend to continue doing what we do best , chasing excellence. E-mail for collaborations, investments or partnerships

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