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Hello, my name is Leonela Quintero. My artwork tends to be inspired a lot by pop-culture or what I see in my everyday life. Most of my work was created in adobe illustrator, which helped me create different icons that were either black and white or color. One thing that my work has in common is that I make sure that the work is in balance. That is something that I make sure in any project, because I brings me peace to see a balanced artwork. Another style that people can maybe see in my artwork would be that I tend to have bold black outlines for any shape or object. Creating art, especially digital art brings me joy, since it is such a great way to get rid of stress.

This is my resume. I designed it in Adobe Illustrator.
Created on January. It is a school infographic dedicated for lab safety. I used Adobe Illustrator in order to create the poster.
Created on February. These are supposed to be icons that represent what I do throughout my day. I used Adobe Illustrator and only kept the icons black and white.
Created on March. I was inspired by my own family name, in which I designed a family crest. I used bright colors and used the software, Adobe Illustrator.
Created on February . Inspired by the legendary singer,Rihanna. Used words that represent her. I created the portrait in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator.
Created in March/April. I designed cards games for my school. They are supposed to be similar to "La Loteria". I designed the cards in Adobe Illustrator.
Created on October. I created icons only using pre-existing shapes in Adobe Illustrator.
Created on November. Inspired by: Avatar: The Last Airbender., I tried to design a minimalist poster. I used Adobe Photoshop to design the poster.


Created with images by Bob_piqam - "the background design desktop"

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