Paula Radcliffe "In the marathOn anything can happen"

Paula Radcliffe’s best time in a marathon was an astonishing 2 hours 15 minutes and 25 seconds. Her accomplishments were things like ‘Sporting Moment of the Year’, and ‘World Cross-Country Championships’. She has won over a dozen awards and some of them are ‘Londoner of the Year’, ‘Laureus World Comeback of the Year’, ‘Sports Personality of the Year’, and ‘MBE Award’. She even won £64,000 in ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’. Half of it went to the British Olympic Association, a quarter went to Asthma UK, and some went to charity. She was the first woman in over a decade to be honored with accolade. She won the European Cross-Country for the second time, and was the only woman who has done that in a ten year history. Overall, she has obviously worked hard and earned her title for the star athlete.

Paula running in some of her marathons(left & middle) Getting pictures taken in NYC(right)

Throughout Paula Radcliffe’s life, she has had many challenges. In 2011 she tore a disc in her back, 2008 she broke her left leg, and in 2009 she fractured her toe, had tonsillitis, and had knee problems. Also in 1994 a stress fracture in her foot had started to appear, and was undiagnosed for 18 years. Additionally, in 2012 she had foot surgery and was thinking she would never run marathons again. She agreed to a final race on April 26th in the London marathon. After that, she went through ten weeks of immobility, then an eight month recovery with mobility scooters, surgical boots, and crutches. Lastly, the cartilage between the navicular and the top of her foot tore apart causing bones to rub against each other; over time the cracked bones fused and surgeons had to create a micro-fracture to act as new cartilage. After everything Paula went through, she would do whatever it takes to stay a marathon runner.

Finishing the London Marathon

There are about 1.9 billion children in the world and I am paying attention to the one who was born December 17th, 1973 in Davenham. As a child, Paula Radcliffe moved to Barnton while attending Little Leigh Primary School. Paula had asthma and anaemia, but that didn't stop her from starting to run at seven years old with her dad. Her father (Peter Radcliffe) was a marathon runner at Frodsham Athletics Club. They later moved to Kingsley and she went to Sharnbrook Upper School and Community College. There she studied French, German, and economics. Once she was done in the Community College, she went to Loughborough University and received first class honors degree in modern European studies. I'm sure she was proud of herself then, but now she probably pats herself on the back after every race!

  • Paula weighs 119 pounds
  • She is 5' 8"
  • Her husband is Gary Lough
  • Her two children are Raphael Lough and Isla Lough



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