By Peyton Sims, editor-in-chief

From butterfly clips and tu-tus to overbearing bows, outfits from a little girl’s childhood tend to be quickly outgrown. Despite the standards of fashion, some people take a bit longer to let go and instead morph them into new trends. And, I’m not ashamed to say I’m one to partake.

Orange top, overalls
  • Roundhouse overalls from Goodwill
  • Burnt orange sweater from Goodwill
  • Matching butterfly clips from online

It’s not out of the ordinary for someone to be seen walking around in overalls on campus. When I wore this outfit for a day, no one batted an eye in my direction or questioned my fashion decision. In all honesty, this outfit was not only cute, but it was also comfortable. 10/10 would wear again, especially with some added butterfly clips.

Checkered jumpsuit
  • Jumpsuit from Uptown Cheapskates
  • Black turtleneck from Goodwill

Before I even decided to do this story, I had actually already owned this jumpsuit. To say the least, when I stumbled across this childhood photo of me, I was a bit surprised about how similar the two clothing items were. I did receive a couple compliments on this outfit, but it’s likely you won’t see me wearing it again.

Tommy Hilfiger overalls
  • -Tommy Hilfiger overalls from Ebay

Yep, more overalls. Apparently my mom couldn’t keep me out of them when I was little. Considering that even high school me has a love for this trend, I gladly took any chance I had to recreate photos of small Peyton in overalls.

Tutu fit
  • A pink, floral skirt from Goodwill
  • A yellow top from Goodwill
  • Beaded necklace
  • Tiara

Last but not least, I had to embrace the princess tiara. While I didn’t wear the crown around school for the entire day, I wore the rest of the outfit. I’d give this look a 7/10, it wasn’t my favorite ever, but I made it work.


Assad Malik