Tri Beta visits North Pike Science is Fun!

Alexcia Carr explains the role of catalysts with "Elephant Toothpaste"
Olivia Dickerson uses animal skulls to explain how teeth help determine the diets of certain animals.
Meoshia Williams and Simarjit Kaur illustrate the phases of matter with Oobleck
Brandon Bergeron and Mohammed Mohammed use dry ice to blow bubbles with "Ice, Ice Bubbles"
Ashley Parun discusses vision and optical illusions.
Cody Pol looks on as Drake Pace tackles nutrition science by explaining components of a heathy diet.
Ariel McDaniel includes the importance of eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies.
Kaylin Boyd and Olivia Dickerson take questions from Mrs. Hemphill's 3rd graders.
Simarjit and the Oobleck

Korey Dillon and Andrew Boyd discuss lightning in a bottle (video above).

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