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So, today I was at my house relaxing. when I got word that the Montagues started ANOTHER fight, those dirty Montagues, well being the amazing lord I am. I made my way down to fight them off, but then The Prince came and broke up the fight. ugh. I hate the Montagues. The Prince's decree was outrageous though, now I can't even fight those Beasts in the street. Where else am I going to fight them? If I even try to start a fight, I will be killed. Then the Capulets would fall apart without the amazing leader that I am. No Capulet better start a fight. If they do they will be killed twice. Once by me, and once by The Prince. I can't believe that The Prince was that harsh.

Party tonight, Capulet House, 5pm, be there.

Party Time!!

That party was so amazing, there was so many people. Everyone just left. Get this, Romeo showed up. Tybalt tried to kill him, but I played it cool and told him to relax, That it would be all good. If he killed Romeo I would get in trouble for Tybalt killing Romeo in my house. Thank the lord he calmed down. I didn't want The Prince getting involved, he is always is too serious. He has to understand that we are old enough to handle it ourselves. Well Romeo meant no harm so I let him slide. After all we were just having a good time anyway. I hope everyone had a good time at least. Until next time.

R.I.P Tybalt

Today is a horrible day. My Nephew Tybalt was Murdered By Romeo himself. I should have never let him live at my party. The Prince only banished Romeo . He should have been slaughtered like a pig. Tybalt dies by Romeo, and Romeo get banished. What is this crap. I am so Angry! Tybalt was a good man. He was killed, And Romeo is not dead, well he will be. When I find him. Romeo is as good as dead. R.I.P. Tybalt.


So I just realized How good of a father I am to Juliet. I am letting her marry Count Paris. She does not deserve him, and she is young, but I will let them marry. Also I wanted to help her out of her depression over Tybalt's death. This should solve that problem. When Thursday comes she will be married to Count Paris. When she finds out she will be ecstatic. Can't wait to tell her. I cannot wait for her reaction when I tell her that she will be Married to Count Paris on the upcoming Thursday. Earlier this week Juliet said it would be an honor to marry Paris. When she finds out that she can she will be extremely happy.

Juliet and Paris

Wedding will be Thursday, 1pm, County Paris will marry Juliet Capulet

Juliet is such a brat! I let her marry Paris and she has the nerve to say NO! I have the right to assign her a husband. I let her Choose if she wants to and she says, NO! To me her Father! Count Paris wants to marry my Juliet and my Juliet doesn't want to marry Count Paris. I don't get it, did I miss something. All I want is my daughter to be happily married to someone that I approve of. All I try to do is be a good father to Juliet, and all she does is repay me with crap! Why did I have a Daughter. I should have had a son or someone other than Juliet. If she doesn't change her mind by the end of the day I will kick her out of the house and she will no longer be my daughter!


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