Fall 2016 ADOBE Portfolio Gabriel Loza


DR. VENTURE IMAGE REPRODUCTION - I was tasked with recreating a cartoon character of my choosing, while adhering to two dimensionality. In order to faithfully recreate the art style of the original design it was pertinent to treat the strokes like individual shapes as opposed to a single entity. This decision made it easier to incorporate highlights and shadows but also required more effort when creating the black outlines.
GIR IMAGE REPRODUCTION - Practice for recreating cartoon characters in Adobe Illustrator; an introduction to the importance of blocking in shapes and layer management. A particular challenge was arranging the dotted lines on Gir's face using strokes rather than shapes.
KELLOG'S LOGO ALTERED REPRODUCTION - One of the first exercises using the pen tool's stroke and fill attributes. Also an example of further practice with pathfinder's shape modes, to create the negative space in the e and ls, combined with the smoothing tool. The colors were chosen to give the Kellogg's logo a fruity appearance.


SURREALIST PROJECT - An expressive, photobashing piece focused on imitating the surreal photography trend. Layer modes and and painting the elephant's trunk with another elephant were especially important in creating the desired effects, . Studying surrealist artists, brainstorming, and resource gathering were key to completing the project.
COLORED COMIC BOOK COVER - Coloring in this comic book cover required the use of both burn and dodge tools to produce certain highlights and shadows. However, I was also able to apply previous knowledge from art studies in combining color and insinuating several light sources. Intelligent use of design elements was needed to make each part of the cover have a variety of colors without ruining the overall aesthetic.
PORTRAIT RESTORATION/ALTERATION - An exercise in restoring this portrait and removing any disfiguration from the subjects face. The spot healing brush and healing brush served to remove the damages to the photo. The patch tool corrected his deformed eye.
FOOTBALL RESTORATION - Another exercise in restoring a photograph. Cropping to adjust orientation and extensive use of healing brushes restored the football player. A notable challenge was trying to restore the belt without distorting it.
PORTRAIT RESTORATION AND CREATIVE RESTORATION - The assignment was to restore and alter the photograph to emulate a ghost like persona.The patch tool corrected the spot damages and also proved helpful in giving the portrait a creepy atmosphere. The burn tool contributed to creating the eyes.
EARLY CREATIVE EXERCISE - The focus of the task was to mask out the building and replace the background with fire works, then altering the hues to make the image a bit more cohesive. A gradient effect was applied to the building in order to achieve this. V was then masked out and placed in the image as a nod to the V for Vendetta graphic novel.

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