My little escapes LAS VEGAS

Despite my vagabond shoes, Las Vegas was never a travel destination that interested me until a friend drew my attention to a certain photographer based in Vegas and I was mesmerized by his beautiful impressions of Vegas captured mostly in film and black white in a style I had not seen before and presented with so much allure. He made Las Vegas look fascinating and culturally interesting and so, cute shoes on and Little suitcase in hand I travelled to a place I said I’d never go to. Life teaches one lessons like that: “Never say never” and, that photography matters.


Each hotel is like a city within a city; self containing and with its own theme. The scale, attention to DETAIL and beauty of many of the buildings took my breath away; waterfalls, pillars, gondolas and even palm trees. The following are just a few of my favourite places in Vegas:
The Venetian hotel: one of the most impressive and lovely places to linger at. I will not even try to describe its ambience. In my opinion a BALANCE BETWEEN GRANDEUR AND friendly CHARm and everybody sEEMS WELCOME
Gondolas inside the Venetian
I felt as if I was part of a huge stage show about Venice (Venetian Hotel)
Anybody can experience a bit of magic in Vegas
The Bellagio Hotel: showplace to a magical water ballet display each evening; A romantic moment on that balmy evening
Exquisite themed flower shows are held at the bellagio conservatory -this one was something for children and THE child at heart
AND ALL THOSE BEAUTIL BRIDES - everybody seemed to be getting married except YOURS TRULY. That’s me in feathers. Just kidding.
Vegas has many contradictions
Despite music seemingly fountaining out of the ground ALONG THE STRIP, one can find a quiet niche OR TWO
An early morning walk
Vegas has some beautiful cloud swirls
Clouds so beautiful


Arts district . Entertainment . Retro

FREMONT IS PART OF THE OLD VEGAS ALSO KNOWN AS DOWN TOWN. IN MY OPINION SOME OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DETAILS OF VEGAS ARE HIDDEN HERE - just a few moments from the raunchy entertainment and crowds off the beaten path
It was not the dazzling lights, many bands, DJS, ENDLESS ENTERTAINMENT THAT MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH FREMONT - IN FACT, I NEEDED TO ESCAPE the music and the crowds
I loved the old signs (unfortunately rapidly disappearing)
entertainment both fun and in some cases, disturbing especially as many parents seemed to not mind their young children and babies being exposed to such frenetic noise difficult even for me a gypsy
Various good bands provide free entertainment
The arts and retro district was where i found my bliss in vegas
Beautiful street art
The antique stores around the arts district are to sallivate for. Amazing photography props - good variety and quality at reasonable prices, no where near as over the top in price as some european cities. a visit is highly recommended. I could have lingered for hours
Red rock canyon national conservation area


Las vegas is all its cliches. I’ve never seen so many scantily clad women with extra long lashes, super high heels (me the queen of heels). The lights here seem the brightest and the music the loudest. However, i have also never seen such beautiful street art or felt nostalgia and experienced friendliness as here. I have seen how big ideas can come true. If palm trees, water and ponds can be brought to the desert because somebody dreamt it could, just imagine how your dreams could come true if you just believe that it can.

please feel free to ask me any questions about this travel under rozannagiannakis.com and I am happy to provide more information if i can

Thank you
Thank you ted for the unforgettable moments and for the time you took to show me vegas and teach me film. I am Forever grateful.



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Rozanna Giannakis

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