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iPhone 7 Plus - 2016 Apple model, Australia (Jet Black)


The iPhone 7 Plus is a mobile phone developed by Apple. It was released in Australia on September 9th, 2016. The durable good has 5 different finishes to choose from: Jet Black, Black, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold (see images below). The phone weighs 188 grams, and its dimensions are 158mm x 78mm. It has a 5.5 inch screen with retina display and is also water, splash and dust resistant. The iPhone 7 Plus also has an advanced technology camera, including features such as optical zoom at 2×, digital zoom at up to 10× and 12-megapixel wide-angle. The chip is an A10 Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture with embedded M10 motion coprocessor.


There are many factors which impacted my decision to buy an iPhone 7 Plus. These include the image, quality, convenience and support and help. The image of an iPhone 7 Plus, an Apple product, is one of innovation – meaning they are consistently introducing new and alluring products. Millions of people worldwide have purchased iPhones and they are a highly-regarded product in society. Another factor is the incredible quality of an iPhone 7, particularly in comparison to any of Samsung’s phones, their main competitor. Recently, Samsung mobile phones have consistently had battery problems resulting in large scale product recalls, whereas the iPhone 7 Plus is known to have an excellent, long-lasting battery. Even the exterior design on an iPhone 7 Plus is better, as it does not leave oily smudges and is made of metal, contrasting the Samsung Galaxy S6 which is made of glass and leaves unwanted smears and blemishes. The usability and convenience on an iPhone 7 Plus is another reason that consumers continue to purchase this good. Apple is widely known as the developer of user interfaced smart phones that are easy to use and as a result there are now plenty of apps already included upon purchasing an iPhone, as well as hundreds of thousands to download and use. This has created mass market adoption which means it’s easy to communicate with family and friends on a common platform. This usability extends to the point that a user can synchronise their iPhone across all Apple devices/products (e.g. MacBook, iPad, Apple TV etc.). Apple has recently introduced a new feature called Apple Pay, where you are able to use your iPhone like a credit card to fulfil mobile payments, therefore making the iPhone 7 Plus an even more useful device. Another reason for purchasing an iPhone 7 Plus is for the strength of Apple’s technical support. Allen He, blogging on the Quora forum captures this best when he states:

When you have a problem with your Android phone, you can try online forums or calling your carrier. But with the iPhone, you can tap into a vast database of useful help articles on Apple's website, get help via live chat, or you can schedule an appointment at an Apple Store Genius Bar. Google doesn't have this kind of direct relationship with its customers. With Android, you're on your own.


I would buy the iPhone 7 Plus from JB Hi-Fi in Hornsby Westfield. This is due to price and convenience. By purchasing the product from a chain store, it is convenient to acquire and return. There is capable in-store assistance with qualified employees who are able to answer any queries or concerns a consumer may have about the product. By obtaining an iPhone 7 Plus from JB Hi-Fi, it is easy to return or exchange as there are stores located all across Sydney. Another reason to buy an iPhone 7 Plus from JB Hi-Fi is the price. JB Hi-Fi often have specials such as 10% off for products, whereas the Apple Store rarely ever has discounted prices. As the JB Hi-Fi product is an official Apple product, the mobile phone still has a full warranty of 2 years and if there are further problems that JB Hi-Fi cannot solve, the Apple Store would be able to provide full service. JB Hi-Fi also sell a comprehensive range of genuine and authentic Apple accessories, as well as a range of generic accessories.


Two methods of payment to use for purchasing an iPhone 7 Plus are cash and EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale).

One of the advantages of using cash is that it is paid in full when you buy the phone – there is no over-hanging debt to be paid off. Another advantage is that it is used everywhere – every retailer accepts cash and there is never the problem of being unsure if a certain store will receive your cash or not. There is also zero risk of overspending when using cash, because the maximum amount you can spend is the cash available in your wallet. For example, if the salesperson tries to convince you to buy a more expensive model, you are limited to only spend a certain amount (the cash you have in your wallet). However, by carrying a large quantity of cash, there is a high risk of it getting lost or stolen. It is also a bulky article to be carrying around at one time.

An advantage of using EFTPOS, is that it’s convenient and easy. You only need to be carrying around a small, lightweight card, therefore obviating the need to look for the nearest ATM (or the fees you may get charged for withdrawing cash). EFTPOS is also accepted by most retailers, so the convenience of carrying the card is available in most places. However, by utilising an EFTPOS card, there is an increased risk of subjecting yourself to credit card fraud, either by the retailer skimming your details whilst making the purchase, or the retailer being hacked and someone stealing your personal information. Another disadvantage of using an EFTPOS card is the risk of getting in debt and paying high interest fees if you have not paid off your borrowed money by the end of the interest-free period. You are also susceptible to impulse buying and overspending by paying for accessories or more expensive models that you cannot afford.

Therefore, if I was to buy an iPhone 7 Plus, my preferred method of payment would be EFTPOS. This is based on the convenience and ease, and that the risk of fraud is relatively low in comparison to the high risk of carrying a large sum of cash and the possibility of having it stolen or losing it.

Process of resolving issue of good after purchase


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