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In Confucian times it was all about focusing on ritual, etiquette and going to school in general to become educated. Now a days it is much more complicated than that. Parents are much more focused on giving your children the best education possible. Many are choosing to send their children to international schools and study abroad. What is wrong with the regular private or public schools curriculum in China? Are the regular private and or public schools not as good as the international ones?

Over half a million people left in just 2015 alone to study abroad. Majority for America but also Australia and Britain. Since so many people are trying to leave for education. The government is starting to cater of the amounts of Chinese children that are going to international schools. Only holders of foreign passports were allowed. In the last few years the idea of having a school based in China which would teach an international curriculum to help get into foreign universities. The success rates of the international schools have doubled since 2011 and will continue to go off the charts. Once the idea of An international curriculum was created it was being taught at many, many schools. The government was taking this so hard. The communists were struggling and wanted these younger citizens to learn about their opinions and history not an American education. So new laws were created in 2014, to stop authorities from approving new international programs in public and private schools.

"In the 1870s the Qing imperial court ended centuries of educational isolation by sending young men to America, only for the Communist regime to shut out the world again a few decades later."

Confucianism was probably the biggest influence in education of China throughout its history. One main idea of Confucius was education should be a central way of societal organization. Even though the curriculum is much different now Confucians broad ideas are still in every school. The idea of taking the Civil Service exam which is one of the most important Confucian ideas and influenced Chinese society for centuries. Almost 9.4 million students take the Gao Kao. Another idea that Confucius brought over was the importance of a hierarchy. How there is a principle that has power over the teachers, then deans over teachers, and teachers over students. Which leads into Rectification of Names and how each person should be called what they really are. There is also a very general idea of respect and an ethical behaviour for everyone to follow. Education would not be as important in our lives today without Confucius, for his smart thoughts.


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