Smartphones - A Great Invention? Carla iglesias Sánchez

Many people today don't just a mobile phone, they have a smartphone like An IPhone or a Blackberry. But is it a great invention? I think there are both advantages and disadvantages.

The first is the communication, if you need help, you can call someone at the moment or sent a message. Secondly, you can sarch information more faster that a computer and the phone, don't weight a lot. Thirdly, you can take photos or videos if you see anything beautiful, extraordinary...

At the same time, the phones, have a lot of disadvantages. Firstly, the phones make the people anti-social or rare. Secondly, you pay a lot of money every month for the phone or the electricity. Thirdly, you can't study well if you have a phone near you because you heard if someone pass a message or anything. They are so bad for the concentration and, if you spend a lot of time with it, probably you can have headache.

In conclusion, I think the phones are a good invention if you know use it correctly and don't waste your all time with it and stay more about your friends or family.


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