The Sea Creature You Don’t Want To Meet! By: Shiv Patel

How Do You Look-Sharks Look Different

Sharks look very different from humans. Sharks have pointed noses and humans have round noses. Humans can grow tall, but not too tall. The Great White Shark can grow about 20 to 30 feet, and humans average height is about 7-8 feet. Also, don’t forget that sharks have teeth. The Great White Shark have sharp, pointed, triangular shaped teeth, and humans, have squared shaped rounded teeth. In addition, the Great White Shark has camouflage. The Great White Shark has blue on top of there body and white at the bottom of their body. The blue helps them by blending in with the water and the white helps them blend in with the bottom of the ocean . These are some examples of how humans look, to how Great White Sharks look.

The Great White Sharks has so many body parts.

Do You Eat Live Animals-Sharks Do

Sharks are predators. They only eat other animals. One thing they eat is seals. The Great White Shark LOVES seals. They eat seals because they like to eat big prey and seals are big prey. Another big prey they like to eat is HUMANS!!! The only reason they eat humans is because they think humans are seals and you know that the Great White Sharks love to eat seals. They also eat humans if they are confused. They also eat sea lions. These are some things what Great White Sharks eat.

The Great White Sharks can jump out of the water when they catch prey.

You Live On Land-Sharks Live Under Land, In Deep Water

Sharks live in the ocean. One of them is the Atlantic ocean. Way out in the ocean,( about 200-250) feet of water, there is a Great White shark. Another ocean is the Myrtle Beach. Some of the beaches are dangerous. They are dangerous because sharks can be at very shallow(not deep water) water and can attack whoever is in the water. Also, some oceans can be very safe because some sharks need to be in very deep water in order to survive, so if they come in the shallow water, they will not survive and die. The Great White Sharks has to live in deep water, but not too deep.

This shows where Great White Sharks are all around the world.

You Have Noses-Sharks Have Something Else

Sharks don’t have noses to breath, they have something else. They have something called gills on the side of their body. Gills look like five lines that are about one foot long each. Now you know that sharks have gills instead of noses to breath.

Gills look like five lines that are about one feet each.

MMMMMMM, The Sweet Smell Of Blood

Sharks still have noses,(called a snout), but not to breath. They use it for something else, and that is smelling. They have a VERY good sense of smell. For example, they can smell one drop of blood about 10 miles away in the ocean. That’s how good their sense of smell is.

This is the snout that they use to smell.

How Much Do You Way-Sharks Weigh A Lot More

Do you know how much sharks weigh? Well, they surely weigh more than humans. That’s because humans average weight is about 150-175 pounds. Now, for the great White Sharks weight,....... 1,500-2,400 pounds! Not only… but also, some Great White Sharks have more weight in them. Now you know that Great White Sharks Weigh A LOT more than humans.

This shows that the Great White Sharks weight a lot more than a human.

SpotLight On Me-Not Others

There are special things that Great White Sharks have. For example, once they lose a tooth, another tooth will grow right back in it’s place. They have about three hundred rows of sharp teeth. Not only, If you didn’t know, Great White Sharks are carnivores,(which mean they only eat other animals for meat). Those are some special things that Great White Sharks have.

The Great White Sharks have a lot of facts about them.


Carnivores - Living things that only eat other living things for there meat

Camouflage - To blend in with your surroundings

Shallow water - water that is not deep

Prey - An animal that gets hunted for food by another animal

Gills - What shark’s use to breath

I am interested in Great White Sharks because they are on of the marine animals that are on top of the whole food chain


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