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Redefine Regimen

Source: Eurometer 2016
Four products, three steps in the morning, three steps at night

Redefine Amp MD Roller

The microneedles in this roller break down the outer layer of your skin (microdermabrasion) in order to rebuild your skin smoother, softer, and firmer.
No more turkey neck for Vicki!
Lisa looks YEARS younger!
Laura took so much age and stress off her face with our Redefine Amp it Up Special
RF is NOT just for the ladies! Men have skin too!
Bundling the AMP Roller with Redefine saves you 20% on your purchase!

Redefine Acute Care

Reverse Regimen

Recently, RF split the Reverse Regimen into two separate regimens. Now you can choose your concern to focus on! Brighten your skin out of dullness and uneven tone; Fade those stubborn spots.

Reverse Amp It Up Special

Spoiler Alert! You can Pair the Amp MD Roller with the Reverse BRIGHTENING regimen for added benefits! This bundle is ALSO 20% off!
Protect yourself!

Soothe Regimen

Umblemish Regimen

This Regimen is why I personally joined Rodan and Fields. I struggled for most of my teens and early adulthood with persistent acne. I tried every drug store acne product, I tried prescribed creams and washes from the dermatologist, and even attempted a couple of rounds of antibiotics. NOTHING WORKED. When my now-husband and I were talking about getting married, I decided enough was enough. Several coworkers of mine had told me about Rodan and Fields, and since these doctors were also the makers of Proacitv, I thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. And what to you know? My face AND my back were clear within months, and I had flawless skin for my wedding and beyond. I'm never going back!

The spot-fading toner is no longer available, as it was proven that the clarifying toner was more effective with the regimen as a whole
My personal "After" photo from my wedding in October 2015... no retouch! My skin had never looked this clear!


What if you had the formula for great-looking skin?
What if self esteem came in a cream?
What if results equal confidence?
What if you had a support group?

Your Skincare, Enhanced


Enhancements Lash Boost

One swipe every night (goes on like clear eye liner) and watch your lashes GROW!

Enhancements Microdermabrasion Paste

It's VERY important to EXFOLIATE!

Mechanical exfoliation removes stale, dead cells from the skin's surface.

Skin feels smooth and reflects light evenly for a healthy-looking glow

Microchannels help moisturizers and active ingredients more effectively penetrate the skin's surface

As fresh cells are exposed, skin is signaled to renew and increase collagen production.


Make it a Mini Regimen

Pair the MD Paste with any of the above products for your own mini regimen! A perfect way to get started if a full regimen is too much for you at the moment

Mineral Peptide Powder


Mineral Peptide Powder is the PERFECT lightweight sheer coverage your RF skin needs for an enhanced glow and even tone. I wear this every day! I haven't needed to buy foundation since discovering this product!

It even has SPF30 to protect your skin from the sun!

Watch this RF consultant demonstrate coverage and contouring using the three shades of Mineral Peptide Powder in her daily beauty routine:

New: Active Hydration Serum

And FINALLY, introducing our NEWEST PRODUCT: Active Hydration Serum

Did you know? Moisture and Hydration are NOT the same!

Active Hydration + Regimen

Pair Active Hydration with Redefine!
Pair Active Hydration with Reverse!
Pair Active Hydration with Soothe!
Pair Active Hydration with Unblemish!

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