Angle Island prisoner 1922

When Huizhen and Yvlan Shaokun go to have medical check they think they get humiliation they are very angry
In angle island they eat like pig food(that isn't my error because a Chinese woman side in book) they are life like a prisoner they was sad and numbness
They have ask to check they are whether the information is correct
Through prison bars we gaze at each other, the moon and I, fog slides over her face, she cannot see the tears fill out rice bowls the water flows the wind passes when will I see my family? perhaps never. I sailed far away on giant fish to the land of golden mountain my mother and I came with only dreams to the island in the mist we wait like lost birds in the white demon's cage we wait like woman befor us is it a crime to be chinese? No! I shall be strong like my ancestors
In the end Huizhen ask problem very good and information is correct so she's father to take them to San Francisco they are very happy to meet

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