A World Without Music or a World Without Meaning "to stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself...."- Aaron Copland

There is a universally known language yet to individualize that not only illuminates the soul where words can't, but sets the world ablaze with both passion and sentiment. This language has managed to penetrate deep within the skin of society and roots of culture. This language is music. The world is submerged in music- concerts, musicals, radio and T.V programming's, schools, or just unanimous tunes to jam to. Music helps express the words, feelings, and beliefs that cannot be said. But what if one day this was all gone, if one day music was suddenly erased from the face of the Earth..., what would happen?

In 2009, the University of Toronto in Mississauga conducted a study concerned with the correlation between the brain and music. They wanted to know if playing a musical instrument resulted in increased brain function and possible academic success. In the study, a mix of both musician and non-musician students (aged 9-12) were given a brain scan so scientists could observe and compare brain function. The findings of the study supported the idea that people who played instruments did have increased brain function and a slightly higher IQ. But what if one day all the instruments on Earth were destroyed or lost, what would happen? Music composers and musicians would no longer be able to convey a message through their music and would no longer have a way to convey a sense of expression or emotion, and thus these careers would end. Useful skills obtained from the arts would soon be forgotten or no longer exist. Humanity would no longer have a creative outlet to escape to and could possibly escalate the stupidifying of civilization.

In the study done by the University of Toronto, brain function was indicated by multitasking abilities, problem solving, the ability to make good decisions, and critical thinking.

Music is a sense of relief and security, a sense of comfort knowing that you are not alone and there are people out there going through similar difficult and painful times . Music provides an escape from the mundane and malicious ways of life, and allows you to escape into a dimension that only you know of. Joy and spirit rise and spread in its presence. Music expresses the words that cannot be said and the feelings that cannot be explained. But imagine music ceased to exist..., what would happen? The world would be monotonous to say the least. Creativity wouldn't be able to flourish, emotion and feeling would no longer be expressed or conveyed, and life on Earth would be completely dull and flat. Without music people would no longer be able to indulge in the pleasure that music gives them or be able to just simply indulge in their own happiness. People would be less motivated to do recreational activities or occupations. Music is like a drug to the human soul- its a necessity and vitality for human existence.

Without music, the world would have no rhythm- the ocean's would no longer produce roaring waves, birds would no longer migrate, there would be no season change, and the Earth would not spin. The world would also lack melody- all sound would be interpreted as chaos because we wouldn't be able to distinguish different sounds and different tones. Without rhythm or melody, the world would no longer be spritely but boring. Culture would no longer be interesting or exciting, 'for music is a majority in cultures existence. Music stores would either run out of business or no longer exist. Attending concerts or musicals would be strange because there would be no music, so they would allegedly cease to exist too. Holidays and parties would no longer be fun because there would be no music to goof around to or get in holiday spirit. Simply put, life without music would be a mistake.

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