Saxon Basketball THe best in town

On January 13th the South Salem Saxon Basketball teams hit the courts to play against McKay. In more interesting news the Basketball Band came out of hiding from the Band Room and played the best music the world has ever heard.

The band practices before some songs before the game begins.

This was only the second time the band has played all year and their music skills were very rusty. Lucky Mr. Snider, the band director was able to bring the band together to put out some solid tools.

Once the Band was in playing shape they packed up their stuff and headed to the court.

The game started off strong for the Saxon women and stayed that way till the end. They totally wrecked McKay with and insanely high lead.
The Band waited and watched the game with no fear of loosing at all. They are used to winning a lot.

Once McKay realized they were totally losing they began to call some time outs. This meant that the band could finally start to play.

The Band kept the audience entertained during the kinda boring game because were winning by so much.

For the Band though it's not about about the basketball game, but more about the time you get to hang out with friends.

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