Zack's Favorite Position By: John Spinelli

This whole story started in 2016 for the Recreational CYSA soccer team. Everyone was asked to play every position at least once to see who prefers where they go or if they are really good there. Coach was very fair with what position that we were in. When it was my friend Zack’s turn to go in goal he was spectacular. He saved all of the 10 shots. So coach decided to put him in goal regularly. When it came to the playoffs he saved a lot of goals. They put him in for the penalty shoot-out. Zack saved one more goal than the other goalie bringing us into the finals. Then we won the last game making us the 2016 Recreational Soccer Champs.

After the season ended we both ended up playing Competitive Soccer at World Wide of Indoor Sports. It was my first year there and there they are put into leagues. There is A, B, & C. A being the best. We both got put into B.

When it was the first practice the coaches picked their own sons for the best positions such as goalie. So I found out over the practices and games that those two coaches were nepotists which means that they favored their family which is unfair to the rest of us. The third coach was nice and tried to tell the others that everyone should get in a certain time. Zack asked to be goalie for the whole season, but ended up getting in goal one time.

Before the first season ended he quit. He joined back again during one practice before the second season when the coach said that this time he would give him a shot. After a couple of games and practices, the coach said that every goalie gets shot on ten times. That’s what happened, but Zack got about six. I didn’t know why that happened because he saved them all anyways. Then the coach said, next goalie. I yelled at coach saying, “Well you're not gonna find a better goalie than this one.” I also said to him saying, “Why did Zack get in only six times”. Coach responds with, “ He didn’t put his hands out like this.” I said, “ Big Deal “. Then the guy ignored me. I was very ticked off when he did so.

I was telling other players on our team and they agreed with me; some saying, “He’s our best goalie” and “The coach is unfair”. After that I told Zack about what I did I said to him, “ We need to show this coach how good you are because he is really stubborn”. Zack got skipped and skipped some more.

So then we decided to come early to each practice and I take some penalty shots while he is goal. Then after two practices of coach watching him block those goals he practiced with him himself. This was very good news because eventually, Zack was playing goalie as much as everyone else was allowed to. He was very proud after the season was about halfway through.

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