Sometimes I think I hear my name by AVI

The book "Sometimes I think I hear my name" is a fictional book written by AVI. Avi in the pen name for Edward Irving Wortis. Avi, or Edward, is an American author who writes books about young adults and children's literature. He has won the Newbery medal and the runners up twice. He is 78 years old and has also won awards such as the Golden Kite award for Fiction and the Anne V. Zarrow award for young readers' literature. He has written over 60 books.

The book "Sometimes I think I hear my name" has a modern type setting. The story takes place in St. Louis and New York.

In the book, Conrad lives with his aunt and uncle in St. Louis wants to visit his parents in New York. He sneaks away at an airport in NY that he stopped at on his way to England and goes off alone in the big city to look for his parents.

Conrad- Thirteen years old, seems smart for his age, sneaky. Uncle Carl and Aunt Lu- "regular", aren't mentioned much, both easily upset. Nancy Sperling- open, adventurous, young just like Conrad, and smart. Conrad's parents- curious and shocked, happy, middle aged

The theme of the book, "Sometimes I think i hear my name" in my opinion is that sometimes in life you have to go out on your own and take risks. Conrad took many risks in the story. First, he took the risk of lying to his aunt and uncle. Then, he took the risk of putting his trust in a girl he barely knew. And many more examples.

The primary conflict in the book is that Conrad has not heard from or seen his parents in a year and he wants to visit them in New York, but his aunt and uncle want him to go to England. The solution to this is that Conrad sneaks off at a New York airport on his way to England, alone, to visit his parents.

1. "My parents live in New York. Both of them. But not together. They got divorced." Page 1. This quote is important to the book because it tells two important things about Conrad, that he doesn't live close to his parents and that they're divorced.

2. "When I was about nine, I came to St. Louis to live with my regular Uncle Carl and my regular Aunt Lu." Page 2. This is important because it tells you where Conrad is and who he lives with.

3. "My Aunt and Uncle announced that instead of going to New York, as soon as school was out I'd be going to England for spring vacation." Page 3. This is an important quote because it tells you where he is supposed to go and where he wants to go.

Vocab Words: 1. Whiny- saying something with a sad/complaining tone. 2. Frantic- panicking or worried. 3. Scurried- to hustle or walk fastly away. 4. Cautiously- carefully or with caution. 5. Fortune- high value or worth a lot of money.

Evaluation- I would recommend this book to others. Especially those that like books or stories with a lot of changing sudden events and a lot of action. Its a very interesting story and worth reading.

Sources: The book 'Sometimes I think I hear my name',, and Wikipedia


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