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July 1st, 2017

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  • WNPL License Announcement
  • ICC State Championships
  • Thunder News from the AGM
  • Benvunuto! Francesco Pellegrini
  • Super SAP Carnival
  • The Story of Promotion & Relegation
  • SWQ Thunder Holiday Clinic
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SWQ THUNDER FC PS4 NPL Premier Leagues Club - EST. 2012

WNPL LICENSE Announcement

The Football Queensland Board of Directors have today ratified the recommendations of the selection panel and confirmed the 14 clubs that will compete in the PlayStation 4 NPLW (National Premier Leagues Women) Queensland competition.

South-West Queensland Thunder FC are pleased to announce that we will continue to compete in the PlayStation 4 WNPL Queensland competition as one of the 14 successful teams named by Football Queensland at the PS4 WNPL announcement today.

SWQ Thunder FC are also one of the very few clubs in the enviable position to have had both our Men's and Women's License granted for the 2018 season. This is an incredible achievement from our club director's, one that positively promotes our region and enables our footballers, both male and female, the opportunity to compete in elite level competitions across all nominated ages and genders.

The acceptance of our application for a 2018 PS4 NPLWQLD License is the culmination of significant body of work completed by the Board of Directors of the Club, with the assistance of Football South West Queensland. We would like to recognise the effort and commitment of all local stakeholders who have ensured the female footballers of the region have access to an elite football pathway.

The 14 Clubs are: SWQ Thunder FC, LionsFC/UQ FC, Mitchelton FC, Sunshine Coast Wanderers (Buderim), Logan Lightening, Gold Coast Galaxy, Eastern Suburbs, Capalaba Bulldogs, Wide Bay Buccaneers, The Gap, Moreton Bay Jets, Souths United, Peninsula Power and Mudgereeba FC.

Salvo's Tips


Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition! What you eat as athletes is as important as your training and preparation. I see too many bad food choices by Thunder players especially on game days - hot chips, soft drinks before and after games is a big NO! All SWQ Thunder FC players should be monitoring their diet to achieve their best performance on the park.

  • Hydration - Super Important! Drinking fluids (water) before, during and after all training and games is a must. Dehydration leads to loss of speed, endurance and decision-making.
  • Pre Match Meals - 3-4 hrs prior to game, this meal should include a carbohydrate (this is fuel for the body), a small amount of protein and the Super Important Fluid (water).
  • Pre Match Snack - 1-2 hrs prior to game this meal should include carbohydrates, but be low in fat & fibre, and the Super Important Fluid (water).
  • Post Match Recovery - to include a carbohydrate, protein (muscle repair and development) and the Super Important Fluid (water & electrolytes). .

Meal Examples: Banana's. Yoghurt & Fruit Salad. Toast or Rice Crackers w/ Vegemite, Burritos w/ Beef, Cheese, Avocado and salad. Chicken Sandwich or Wrap w/ Cheese, Avocado and Salad. Nuts. Fruit Smoothie. Tomato based Pasta.

We will see no more Hot Chips or Soft Drinks being consumed by Thunder players on game days as you become educated & disciplined about sport nutrition!


QLD Country State Championships - U13 & U14 Boys

SWQ Thunder recently took a combined under 13/14 team to Mackay to participate at the ICC State Championships (QLD Country Carnival).

Coach Scott Teakle and Assistant Michael Smith guided the young team to several wins over the course of the championship.

13 players were selected from the SWQ Thunder team to stay in camp for the preliminary QLD Country Squad.

Congratulations to: Noah Lawson, Jordynn Watts, Riley Willmot, Alex Kiers, Luke Beutel, Brock Smith, Ky Richardson, Noah McGrath, Jack DeBortoli, Menphys Smith, Hunter Purcell, Jake Eiser and Jarrah McNicol.

Best of luck with the final selections for the QLD Country Team to be announced next week.

Thunder news from the agm & Board of directors

  • Resignation of Chairman - Mr Jon Haynes
  • Resignation from Board of Directors - Mr Peter Munster
  • Appointment of Incoming Chairman - Mr Wade Eiser
  • Appointment of Sub-committees

SWQ Thunder FC welcomes our new incoming Chairman, Mr Wade Eiser. Wade is a familiar face to many, being a part of SWQ Thunder as a parent and as a respected local business identity. We thank Wade in advance for his willingness to commit to the role of Chairman.

Thunder Express and the Thunder Football Family would like to take this opportunity to thank Jon Haynes (outgoing Chairman) for his tireless efforts and many hours spent running the club. We would also like to thank Jon's wife Shelley and children Tom and Zara for their patience and support during Jon's tenure as Chairman.

Further news from the AGM includes the resignation of Mr Peter Munster from the Board of Directors, whom we also thank for his service and commitment.

The Board of Directors have appointed sub-committees with Jon Haynes as the Junior Club Co-ordinator and Wade Eiser as the Senior Club Co-ordinator. Wade and Jon will work together with the Technical Director to deliver the football program, create the best facilities and attract elite level players and coaches to SWQ Thunder FC.

Please contact Wade and Jon if you have any valuable ideas to improve the Club in 2018.

Benvunuto! Francesco Pellegrini 🇮🇹

🤣 Translation: Welcome! Francesco Pellegrino 🇮🇹

SWQ Thunder FC welcomes Francesco Pellegrini from Italy to the club. Francesco will be visiting for a short time and sharing his time coaching teams, coaching our coaches and assisting at the SWQ Thunder Holiday Clinic. Francesco is a Football Athletic Trainer, he has a Bachelor Degree in Sports and Exercise Science and is a UEFA Coaching Instructor. He specialises in Football Condition & Periodisation and Motor Skill & Co-ordination.

It will be an interesting few weeks for the SWQ Thunder players as they learn new skills and soak up some European training - they may even learn a little bit of Italian!!

SWQ Thunder proudly supports

Thunder Talk

  • Thunder Goalies have been keeping CLEAN SHEETS again this month! Great hands by Riley Mason (Vs Sunshine Coast), Jon Crowe (Vs Brisbane City & Vs Western Pride), Anthony Passante (Vs Sunshine Coast), S.Bradbury (Vs The Gap), B.Lane (Vs Sunshine Coast), H.Littlejohn (Vs Eastern Suburbs), C. Francis (Vs Western Pride)
  • Men's & U20's had an enjoyable bus trip home from the Sunshine Coast after both teams delivered impeccable performances with 11 goals scored between them on the night.
  • The U13 Boys and a combined U14/15 Boys team versed the Women's Brisbane Roar teams in mid week Wednesday night matches at Gatton FC. Thunder made it a clean sweep coming away with both wins on the night. Great Football Thunder! #itsabitawkwardplayingwomen #watchyourhands
  • HATTRICKS and QUINTRICKS??? Kimba Kibombo put 3 goals past the keeper (Vs Sunshine Coast), while Anthony Grant scored an incredible 5 goals (Vs Sunshine Coast), Louise Rolfe scored 3 goals (Vs Sunshine Coast FC), Luke Broderick scored 3 (Vs Western Pride), Levi Cuskelly netted an impressive 4 goals (Vs Western Pride) and Prassidha Paudyal put 3 past the keeper (Vs Western Pride). - ⚽️ 🥅 #21
  • A great weekend of football was held in Kingaroy with Round 15 of the Junior Boys PS4 NPL competition being held at the local Kingaroy Football Club. Large crowds and excellent hosts (thank you Kingaroy FC) made for a successful day of games. Plenty of peanuts were bought and the weather was a perfect winters day in the country.
  • Thank you to Toowoomba Grammar School for the use of their ovals on the 11th June when Clive Berghofer Stadium refused SWQ Thunder use of the fields! This is a direct result of the refurbishment of the stadium and the difficulties we face this season. #rollwiththepunches #atleastthecanteenfoodwasyummy
  • Police were called to Clive Berghofer Stadium to deal with unruly and abusive visiting supporters. Once again Thunder spectators were well behaved - Thank you Thunder Family!
  • Our Major Sponsor The Federal Hotel Motel is hosting a fundraising event for the Pink Project on Saturday July 15 from 7pm. Dress up in PINK and have a great night out!
  • An ambulance was called to the U20 match vs Brisbane Olympic for an injury to a SWQ Thunder player. The match will be rescheduled at a later date. The Thunder player is recovering well.
  • Withcott FC Juniors were invited to join SWQ Thunder FC Men as mascots and ball boys for the game vs Redlands United FC at Clive Berghofer Stadium. Unfortunately the game was cancelled due to weather and pitch conditions. However a great time was still had by all while waiting for the game to be called. Thank you Withcott FC!
Withcott FC Junior Footballers with the SWQ Thunder Men - Game Day vs Redlands United FC

Would you like your local community junior team to participate in the SWQ Thunder FC Home Games by being mascots and ballboys - please send an email registering your clubs interest to: community@swqthunder.com

You always pass failure on the way to success. - Wayne Rooney

Thunder Spotlight

We put the Spotlight on one of our Thunder family whether they be a coach, player, team, volunteer, manager, sponsor, board member or Thunder fan.

Jordie Franke - Captain, SWQ THUNDER WOMEN
Jordie Franke - SWQ Thunder FC Women

Nickname: JuJu, Frankie

Age: 22

Position: Centre Back/No.8

How long have you been playing Football? 18 years

Football Representative Honours? I first made the U/12 Darling Downs team in 2005 and I played at the DD level every year until 2011. I made the U/17 Queensland team in 2010 and the U/19 QLD School Girls team in 2010 and 2011, both years making the Australian School Girls teams and travelling to Europe and Asia. I played for an American College team for 1 year in the 2014/2015 season.

Darling Downs, QLD & Australian Schoolgirls Representative

Best Football Memory/Achievement? Playing for QLD at the National Championships and scoring a header off a corner, and making the Australian School Girls teams.

Football/Life Motto you live by? Always give 110%, you never know who is watching.

Football Team you Follow? Brisbane Roar – in the W-league and A-league.

Football Idol or Sports Icon who has influenced you the most? I fan girl over Clare Polkinghorne and Steph Catley and Abbey Lloyd.

Do you have a routine or superstition before you play? I always wear the same bra, eat a chocolate bar before the game and I wear my captains band on my leg.

Worst Injury? I've been pretty fortunate to not have had an injury that has kept me out for a long time(touch wood), but I have torn the ligaments in both ankles, broken my collar bone, torn my calf muscle and my hamstring.

Hobbies/Interests? Drawing, photography, futsal, running, watching netflix, hiking and eating.

What's on your bucket list? Where to begin!? I want to travel basically everywhere in the world! But especially Africa, Canada and Europe. I'd love to go on a road trip to Uluru, I really want to go skydiving, swimming with dolphins & sharks and zip lining.

Favourite place in the world? I love doggy beach at Noosa.

Favourite Movie? I love Harry Potter, the Holiday and Moana.

What is your biggest addiction? Chocolate!!!

What is one of your weird quirks? I wear weird patterned socks

Thank you Jordie for spending time with us in the Thunder Spotlight!

Jordie Franke - Monroe Community College, Rochester, New York - 2014/2015

Where's Thunder

Wrap up of the NPL Competition Ladder and where the Thunder teams are on the ladder (current at time of publishing)

PS4 NPL Swq thunder fc
  • U12 Boys - 9th - out of 9 teams.
  • U13 Boys - 2nd - out of 9 teams.
  • U14 Boys - 9th - out of 9 teams.
  • U15 Boys - 3rd - out of 9 teams.
  • U16 Boys - 8th - out of 9 teams.
  • U18 Boys - 7th - out of 10 teams.
  • U20 Boys - 8th - out of 10 Teams
  • Senior Men - 9th - out of 12 Teams

* Several teams have games in hand.

PS4 WNPL swq thunder fc
  • U13 Girls - 7th - out of 10 teams.
  • U15 Girls - 8th - out of 11 teams.
  • U17 Girls - 9th - out of 9 teams.
  • Senior Women - 6th - out of 9 teams.

* Several teams have games in hand.

Super Sap Carnival

The SAP Carnival held at Captain Cook recently was a roaring success. Games were played across several fields and players from SWQ Thunder competed against other SAP regions. It was pleasing to see a good support base of older Thunder players who came to referee, help setup and encourage the SAP teams throughout the day. #weloveourthunderfootballfamily

Thunder Successes

The WILL to SUCEED is IMPORTANT, but what's more IMPORTANT is the WILL to PREPARE.

U12 Boys Swq thunder fc
  • Vs Sunshine Coast FC 5-2 Win
  • Vs Western Pride FC 1-0 Win
U13 Girls swq thunder fc
  • Vs Eastern Suburbs FC 4-0 Win
  • Vs The Gap FC 4-2 Win
U13 Boys SWQ Thunder FC
  • Vs Western Pride FC 7-1 Win
  • Vs Brisbane Strikers 3-1 Win
  • Vs Western Pride FC 6-0 Win
  • Vs Brisbane City 2-0 Win
U15 Girls swq thunder fc
  • Vs Eastern Suburbs FC 4-3 Win
  • Vs Brisbane Strikers 2-1 Win
U18 Boys SWQ Thunder FC
  • Vs Sunshine Coast FC 3-0 Win
  • Vs Gold Coast City 3-1 Win
  • Vs Sunshine Coast FC 5-1 Win
  • Vs Sunshine Coast FC 8-0 Win
Women swq thunder fc
  • Vs Sunshine Coast FC 5-3 Win
  • Vs Brisbane Roar FC Youth 3-1 Win
  • Vs Sunshine Coast FC 6-1 Win

The story of Promotion & relegation

Football Queensland has implemented the new 2018 competition for all NPL QLD clubs that now consists of two tiers, NPL & FQPL. A welcome move that brings Football Qld competition in line with other states who have had this model for many years. So how is it going to work? Here is a brief (maybe not so brief) rundown of how the 2018 season will impact on Thunder.

SWQ Thunder FC will continue on in 2018 as we always have. We remain a PS4 NPL club with our junior & senior club participating in the competition. We will notice that apart from the regular teams we have always competed against there are two new additions, Brisbane Lions FC and Mackay & Whitsundays Magpies Crusaders United (that's a mouthful!) - so from 12 teams to 14 teams. The MWMC (abbrev.) will only be fielding teams in the Senior competition so juniors will not be expected to travel to the Mackay region (phew!).

All in all Thunder is dedicated to continuing to develop our junior players and continuing to provide a platform for all of our players to participate in the highest level competition available in Queensland.The real difference for all clubs will be in the new promotion/relegation structure that will be implemented at the end of the 2018 season.

The point system used to define the club competition ladder will be an amalgamation of the Senior Club results - so all three Senior teams (U18, U20 Youth, Senior Men). The two NPL clubs on the bottom of the NPL ladder will be relegated into the 2019 FQPL competition, while the two top clubs from FQPL will be promoted to the 2019 NPL competition. This structure will continue on over the seasons with each new season bringing change into the NPL & FQPL competition. Please note that there are ongoing discussions with Football Queensland regarding this structure and changes are still occurring. We will keep you updated of any further outcomes if and when we are notified.

You may ask why the Junior Club is affected by the results of the Senior Club - we must remember that without the Senior SWQ Thunder FC teams there is NO platform for our SWQ Thunder FC Juniors. Football Queensland's licensing requirements hinge upon the Senior Club.

Concerned about relegation? Don't be! Both the NPL & FQPL are strong competitions. The NPL competition is elite level football providing our players with formidable opponents and giving us the opportunity to develop and improve. The FQPL competition will be just as strong in providing an elite level of opponents. Many of the clubs participating in the FQPL come from the Brisbane Premier League (BPL) competition. The BPL has long been considered as an equal to the NPL competition and many Brisbane players chose to play in the BPL over NPL. These players will now be lining up against us whether we are in the NPL OR FQPL.

So what would we like all of Thunder to take away from this explanation! - Don't be concerned it is business as usual for SWQ Thunder FC!

Just as a point of interest to our Thunder Football Family, Football Queensland prepared a "mock up" of which clubs would have been relegated in the 2017 season if the new structure was up and running. SWQ Thunder FC's 2016 season club standing on the ladder was 3rd overall. #wearethunder

Swq thunder fc holiday clinic

SWQ Thunder FC once again hosted the ever popular Holiday Football Clinic at Captain Cook Ovals during the 2nd week of the July School Holidays. Thunder provided the lucky participants with Overseas coaches, Jose Barcala (Spain), Francesco Pellegrini (Italy), Francesco Zanoncelli and Remo Buess.

Thunder & You

All player fees that were on a payment plan have now been finalised and we would like to thank all players and parents for complying with the set requirements for payment. If you have any payment queries please contact: accounts@swqthunder.com

The Board is keen to explore opportunities to further enhance the SWQ Thunder club culture. Please provide ideas and suggestions to promote a positive and inclusive club environment. Suggestions such as club fun days, BBQ's, exhibition matches and Gala Balls have been put forth so far. Please contact our Community Engagement Ambassador- Samantha Richardson at community@swqthunder.com - if you have any suggestions or wish to help facilitate club events.

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