Murine Typhus isabel hernandez

Vectors that carry murine typhus are transmitted by fleas. Rat fleas are the most common vectors. Cat fleas and mouse fleas are the less common modes of transmission.

rat fleas.

location where murine typhus is most prevalent: is associated with cities and ports where urban rats are abundant.

signs and symptoms of murine typhus are headache, fever, rash, and muscle pain

an infected person

treatment and cures: the antibiotics tetracycline or chloromphenicol are used for treatments of each forms of typhus.

number of deaths caused by this disease: while children usually recover well, older adults may have as much as a 60% death rate without treatment.

methods to prevent contracting the disease: avoid contacts with the vectors that spread typhus, reducing population of rats, mice and other animals that carry it. spraying with insecticides, rodent control measure, and treating soil with insect repellent chemicals have all been used to successfully to prevent typhus outbreaks.


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