Tuff Puff Tuff Puff is an annual event held at James Buchanan High School. Students get the opportunity to make a volleyball team and compete against opposing teams. This year, Tuff Puff was held on November 9th and started at 8:00am. This event gives students a chance to hang out with friends, and see which team is the best.

Waiting their turn to play, Spencer Gordon (11), Kirstyn Atherton (10), Bryce Reed (9), Abby Keith (9), Keysha Riley (9), Gracie Jones (9), and Bioleta (9), sit on the bleachers.
Gabe Carbaugh (10) and Alyssa Nichols (10) watch Derek Mccardell (11) serve the ball.
Ready for the ball to come over the net, Brinn Seville (10), Natalie Lippy (10), and Rylynn Welsh (10) wait for the ball.
Throwing up the ball, Alyssa Nichols (10) serves it across the net.
Ashley Dukehart (11) and Aleesha Cramer (11) watch Addy Crouse (11) bump the ball back over the net to the opposing team.
Spiking the ball, Mason Line (11) earns his team a point.
Serving the ball, Dalton Eckard (12) hits it over the net.
Holding the volleyball, Lydia Jones (11) gets ready to serve.
Brady Bigler (12), Dalton Eckard (12), and Kolby Daley (12), wait their turn to play next.

Tuff Puff this year was very successful. Everyone who participated had a great time. Friendships were made and matches were played.

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Julia Frey


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