Rattle Snake by guerin bernardin

The Diamond Back Rattle Snake usually lives in the ecosystem called a hot desert. It is a reptile that has lots of different colors including green, brown, and mostly black. You may call this camo they are about 10 centimeters tall and can grow up to 7 feet long! They weigh about 10-13 pounds. The rattle snake body is scaled with interesting colors. Some family members of a Diamond Back Rattle Snake are a Banded Rock and every single snake in the world.

This rattle snake is a big carnivore (this means it only eats meat). This animal can eat almost anything it can find! It usually eats things like birds, mice, rats, lizards, and sometimes other snakes! The Rattlesnake has a very unusual eating habit. It strikes on the prey. Its venom poisons it, then the snake lets it fly or run away. Then when it dies, the snake smells the animal, then eats it whole.

A Rattlesnake usually lives in parts of North America and most of South America. It needs a really hot habitats like a hot desert to survive. It needs that because it is cold blooded. It lives in a snake hole or a cave. Sometimes a rattlesnakes can live alone or with others.

Some rattlesnake adaptations include having a thing called a pit in between their eyes and nostrils. It helps the rattlesnake hunt at night or in the dark by detecting preys body heat. The pit is a sensory organ. A rattlesnakes enemies are hawks, badgers, alligators, skunks, roadrunners, and other rattlesnakes. They really hate humans. A rattlesnake protects itself by rattling its rattle. That warns its enemies not to get close.

Some fun facts about Rattle Snakes include… one rattlesnake can bite over 800 people per year. Most die after the bite. Rattlesnakes rattles (tails) are made by the same thing as our finger and toe nails, keratin. Scientists don’t know what age wild rattlesnakes can grow to, but most in zoos grow to around 20 years old (rattlesnakes age span is different than rattlesnakes that people take care of) Two-thirds of a rattlesnake’s bite is wet. Rattlesnakes don’t really have ears. The only way they can so called hear is to put their heads to the ground and feel the vibration.

The rattlesnake is a cool and dangerous creature. If you see one, stay away. But it is still a very important part of the food chain, and our world.


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