Our Gold Standard Hair Weights are the top natural remedy to dealing hair shrinkage, and hair manageability, especially after the ‘Big Chop’ and in transitioning into the natural hair lifestyle. The clip is made of metal, which with its weight helps to stretch the curl, it can also be used under the dryer to further condition and elongate the curl, in addition to being worn as a hair accessory. It’s the latest and most effective addition to the natural hair tools and is literally made to make your natural hair life much easier.

It is by far the most natural, chemical free and effective tool on the market! No heat damage, helps with hair manageability, and trains your hair for time efficient go-to styles!

The Gold Standard Hair Weight experienced an unexpected and brutally honest review by celebrated Natural Hair influencer Hazel Goddess, where she discussed the method and effectiveness of the Hair Weight as a natural hair stretching tool.

The beauty in the Gold Standard Hair Weight, is that although it appears like a gorgeous accessory, it’s actually a truly effective styling tool that stretches and trains your hair overtime - allowing it to get better with time. It’s not just a one time cute hairstyle, it’s many days of cute hairstyles that get better every day, achieving the look you want and many more.

There are many different ways the Hair Weight can be used. It’s great for hair jewelry on protective styles and even better when used as a ‘travel styling tool’ for the holidays and those adventurous beach island getaways.

Its pure science, the weight of the clip pulls down the curl, its simple gravity and it works! Its functional and its fashionable, made to make your hair journey enjoyable as well as time efficient!

Its truly up to us, those who wear the crowns to create the tools that work for our hair. Who else will? And, who will do it better!

Please contact us at info@amtuhairtools.com for wholesale information. You can also purchase one package with ten clips using our first time buyer discount of 10% off with the code AMTU.

For more information, contact: info@amtuhairtools.com