Tropical Tree House a hot PARADISE above everything


I would have many fruit trees (apples, oranges, lemons, cherries, grapefruit and peaches). I would have vegetable garden for carrots, peas and anything else that I can grow. Also I would would also have someone bring me meats and I would not want to have them near me. I would also have a cook to make my food but I will water and maintain my garden.


I would have room with a cheer floor in it to work on skills. Also be able to work on stunts went there is nothing better to do.


I would have a closet full of lululemon that I would have everything I ever wanted. I would never have to figure out what I am wearing I would have people around for me to pick that out. I would also have many other clothing brands and many bathing suits to swim and play outside and get a nice tan.


I would need to have my friends and both my parents and my dog. I would need food for a life time and about to leave my place and go on trips around the world looking at new places. I would need running water to shower. Also need to have internet.


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