Area 51 Aliens/UFOS By: drew

Did you want to know that the government could be housing thousands of aliens inside of Area 51? Speaking of the government, many people that were near Area 51 has had UFOS sightings there. Many people said that UFOS disabled a nuclear missile that were in Area 51. Some people also say that there was a retired air force pilot that saw and touched a triangular like UFO. The aliens in Area 51 is an issue in debate about whether aliens are there or there is just government business.

A UFO that looks like what everyone talks about

Theory 1

Many researchers believe that Aliens and UFOs are very real by their sightings around Area 51. Some people say that some incidents aren’t UFOs ,but they could be lying about those incidents. When The Cold War started a lot of people started to see UFOs at that time. They were almost everywhere across the earth. When the nuclear missiles were disabled there was a light shining on it what could of cause that it, the only option is a UFO. The nuclear weapons sites there has been a lot of UFO activity. Like some people were seeing UFOs on that nuclear site. Maybe the aliens are here for a reason because this all around Area 51. Maybe the aliens are trying to stop us from something bad like the nuclear missiles. These UFOs are like flying discs across the sky like a giant threw a frisbee. There has been a very close encounter with a UFO, a retired air force pilot saw a triangular UFO and has touched it with his bare hands, he said it felt like metal. Some UFOs have strange markings on them and none of our aircraft has markings like that. UFOs have the ability to shoot out into space in unbelievable speed. When people saw them they were gone in a blink of an eye. The alien technology is more advanced than are’s to get to that speed. In Area 51 the UFOs have left them a message to them. People have been seeing moving lights in the sky and they aren't are aircraft. The missiles that the UFOs disabled, they disabled 10 nuclear missiles. The question is why do they keep on disabling the nuclear missiles. The have always been active on those nuclear missiles. Instead of being against us, maybe they're trying to help us with something. Maybe something bad is going to happen to the nuclear missiles and they are trying to prevent that. Maybe these aliens are trying to tell us something about these nuclear missiles. Could these creatures have been here for many years without us knowing. Instead of discs these aliens ships are in all kinds of different shapes not just the disc. Could these aliens have the technology that will take years to catch up to?

Theory 2

Many people also believe that Area 51 is just government business no UFOS to do with it. The UFOS that people see around Area 51 might be pilots of U-2s. It could be just an airstrip from the military. Some researchers state that the government business has nothing to do with aliens and UFOS. People heard in Area 51 about how they are building secret warplanes. Those random explosions in Area 51 those are test sites, so it could be from the military. The U-2 was built and tested very secretly that could be from the sightings people see that they think it is a UFO, but actually just having a test drive. There was also another plane that was having a test drive called a A-12. The Government could be building more warplanes to improve the army and make them stronger. One day there was a person that saw a fleet of six 737’s which also could be another warplane. There was a new warplane taking a test drive to, and it’s name was B-2. Since all these warplanes are at Area 51 that probably means there is just warplanes there no UFOs and no Aliens. They might just making more and more warplanes there at Area 51. The lights that people see in the skies could just be a test run of those new warplanes. The aliens might not even exist on this planet. They do this in secret because they probably don’t want enemies to get suspicious. In Area 51 there are just military planes being built there. The government maybe using the UFOs as a myth to distract people so they don’t look into the warplanes. Area 51 might just be an original military base instead of a place to research aliens. Since it is a military like place they might just be building new weapons and planes. The warplanes might be true because on how heavily guarded it is. Maybe just government business is taken place there. Maybe they're testing government weapons there at Area 51. From the nuclear missiles, there probably making new deadly missiles there to. Could they be building a weapon that no one in the world will find out what it is?

After all the research that I have done on Area 51 I think Theory 1 is what I believe in the most out of Theory 2. Because why would the government spend his time making lights on the bottom of our aircraft. Sure are our jets are very fast, but it is nothing compared to a UFOs speed. What else do you think comes from the lights that you see from above and there is barely anything there. In Area 51 at a test sight, those unexpected explosions are from the aliens. What about the unexpected shutdown from a nuclear missile. What else could of cause that to happen. The only thing that could do that is the UFOs. I believe that aliens and UFOs are here and they are watching us right now. They are here because we have no aircraft in the world that looks like a disc. Have you ever seen an interview with a person that saw a bright light and has no idea what happened after that. That is a UFO abducting a person examining it and them bring them back while they are asleep from the whole thing. The aliens have technology that we might take centuries to catch up to them. Aliens are here and right now they probably have an eye on you right now. They have an eye on almost everyone. I wouldn’t have found this out if it wasn’t for the website about a retired air force pilot that has seen with his own eyes and touched a UFO with his bare hand.

What I believe

Area 51 is still in debate by people saying that it is just government business there or they could be keeping an alien inside that facility. There could be some other life other than us in the universe. They need to know the truth about the debate about the UFOS in Area 51. This could lead them a step further to find out if aliens are real or not. It could help more people that don’t know anything about this place. learn more about this place Not everyone knows about Area 51 and what they might be doing in there. Some people want to know information about that place and what secrets they hold. Remember there might be more life other than us, out there then you think.

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