Good Life Tour of the Harn Kristen hoover

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

Marital Skeletons // picture by Kristen Hoover

The artist's choice of medium for this piece of artwork caught my eye because of the hair on the characters. The hair looks like it was made with a cotton ball, or some form of cloth that most artists do not experiment with in their own artwork. I feel like one can only get the full effect of this artwork and the use of medium in person, because a camera just cannot capture the attention to detail that this artist paid to the work. This artwork specifically, made me feel confused. I felt like the artists choice to use cotton to represent the hair brought an element of life to the art, but the depiction of the characters is death. The skeletons are dressed for marriage, a ceremony usually done in the early years of ones' life, but yet are illustrated with dead faces.

Design of the Museum

David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing // pictures by Kristen Hoover

The Asian Art Wing of the Harn was beautifully designed. The wood floors, wood displays, and wood arch of the doors helped to create a clean and balanced environment. The layout of the art helped me to view the art at a comfortable pace, without feeling like I was overwhelmed by groups of artwork. This openness of this exhibit combined with the abundant lighting helped create a serene environment, perfect for appreciating the art work.

Art and Core Values

St. Jean's Bay // pictures by Kristen Hoover

St. Jean's Bay instantly brought me to a place of comfort. This artwork illustrates people relaxing by the water and simply enjoying life. This was my favorite artwork because it was the most personal to me. I believe that people spend too much time worrying over minuscule things and too often don't take the time to sit and relax and just enjoy life. This painting illustrated what I believe is most essential in this world: happiness.

Art and the Good Life

Seated Bodhisattva // pictures by Kristen Hoover

When I saw the seated Bodhisattva I instantly thought of Siddhartha and his search for nirvana. Often, Siddhartha would meditate in attempts to develop a deep connection with the world. This seated Bodhisattva is depicted meditating and evokes a feeling of tranquility and balance, themes I found present during our discussion of Siddhartha. This helps me further understand these themes by literally illustrating the act of evoking them. Tranquility and balance through meditation are easier to understand with a visual representation, as given by the seated Bodhisattva.

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