EAF 235.003: History Of Education Project Current State of Education in the World (Outside of the United States) 2015

If you click the button above, this will take you to the link from PBS's documentary series “Time for School.” This is the third installment which shares the story of Ken Higashiguchi from Nara, Japan. Juku after school programs are in place which extend the school day. Students have also been attending school since being one year old. Japan has a eleven month school year, but have dropped Saturdays from their required hours. They focus on team work in the school system which lends itself to the Japanese workforce.

"On the Journey to Meet the Demands of a Japanese Education." Thirteen Media with Impact - New York Public Media. PBS, 25 Sept. 2015. Web. 04 May 2017.

Elliot, Alan R. "China's Biased Education System Drives Demand For Private Schools." Investor's Business Daily. Investor's Business Daily, 10 Mar. 2016. Web. 04 May 2017. <http://www.investors.com/stock-lists/global-leaders/chinas-biased-education-system-drives-demand-for-private-schools/>.

This article from Investors Business Daily looks at the cry for private schooling from a business perspective, but it highlights the education in rural villages in China. They look at the stock market and the calling for online educational programs such as Koolearn.com and tutors from TAL Education. Children have access to subsidized public services through their hometowns and most rural students are not allowed to attend public schools in Beijing and other cities even if their parents work there. The results are many new private schools.


"Education: Pakistan's Other Emergency." PBS LearningMedia. Pulitzer Center, n.d. Web. 06 May 2017.

This article attends to the lack of educational resources in Pakistan. Schools do not have proper amenities such as toilets, many schools don't have drinking water, electricity, boundary walls, or even a school building. Pakistan people continue to try to learn which shows their persistence in the pursuit of educating their children. Not only do these students have to fight the Taliban resistance to educations but they also have to work with no resources.


McIvor, Jamie. "Education must not be 'political football'" BBC News. BBC, 13 Apr. 2017. Web. 06 May 2017.

This article goes into the education in Scotland and specifically the findings of The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS.) They point out specific needs for the schooling system that the politician are ignoring: The "excessive workload" for teachers and pupils, cuts to school budgets, support for pupils with additional support needs, agreement on a national staffing standard to protect teacher numbers and ensure consistency of provision across the country, a commitment from councils to a "fair" pay increase for teachers.


The link above will take you to an hour and a half PBS film that follows five students from around the world over the course of twelve years and their experience with education in their home countries. The United Nations works to allow every child the opportunity to receive and education. The look at rural India with Neeraj Gujar, Rocinha, one of Rio de Janeiro’s poorest neighborhoods with Jefferson Narciso, Kibera, Kenya one of the largest slums with Joab Onyando, Pakistan under Talaban rule with Shugufa Sohrabi, and a West African country of Benin with Nanavi Todénou the first girl in their family to attend school.

"Time For School -." wttw PBS. Public Broadcasting Service, n.d. Web. 04 May 2017.

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