The Little Things Photo Essay by Jarrett Farley

Flower Mound, TX, 4/30/20. Kennedy Granger, enjoys a peaceful float in her pool, a University of North Texas graduate student, enjoys a peaceful float alone in her pool.

For many North Texans the pandemic has given us so much to worry about, yet nothing to worry about at the same time. Under shelter-at-home orders, we have time to read, to write, to cook, and to catch up on Netflix. The coronavirus, a legitimate threat, has for some provided a moment to reflect on the simple pleasures in life, the little things to be thankful for. Parks, bars and restaurants were closed, but North Texans found creative ways to remain active and celebrate the little things.

Flower Mound, TX, 4/30/20. Kennedy Garinger’s dog Jones comes in close for a kiss. Dogs, cats, and other domestic pets are getting all kinds of extra love as they no longer have to wait for owner to get home from work.
The Colony, TX, 4/ 29/20. Parks may be fenced or closed off, but you can still shoot some hoops at the neighborhood basketball court like this man.
Flower Mound, TX, 5/1/20. Jackson Garinger, prohibited from visiting skate parks, creates his own fun at home. After removing the wheels from a skateboard, Jackson does the same type of flip tricks on the trampoline.
The Colony, TX, 4/28/20. University of North Texas student, Austin Stone, while practicing social distancing with his friends playing disc golf. This course in The Colony was busy with people who live around the area.
Denton, TX, 4/25/20. Steam rises from ground up turkey. With restaurant dining rooms closed, North Texans turned to home cooking.
Flower Mound, TX, 4/30/20. Lakes and ponds are a main attraction to any anglers who need a break from home confinement.
The Colony, Tx, 4/29/20. A small free library continued to offer books. Visitors are encouraged to take a book and leave one in exchange.

Flower Mound, TX, 4/29/20. Kennedy Garinger says she has never been more calm reading a book in a hammock. She takes pleasure in little things during a global crisis bigger than any her generation has ever experienced.


Photo Essay by Jarrett Farley