APEX pollination we take care of pollination for you

Our full-service pollination system is designed to give you increased yield through...

More pollination hours

Ultra-insulated hives means fewer bees are needed to heat the hive during cold weather, or cool the hive during hot weather, so our bees spend more time pollinating your crops, and less time in the hive

Strong, healthy hives

We have researched and developed artificial pollen and nectar feed to help keep our bees strong and healthy in challenging crop-pollination environments.

This means our bees arrive strong on your farm, and remain active throughout the flowering season.

On-target pollination

We use a combination of techniques to ensure that bees are focused on your crop flowers including:

Scent training - bees are pre-trained to prefer your crop

Feed manipulation - we change the ratio of artificial pollen and nectar feed to make sure bees focus on your crop

Total focus on pollination

At APEX, we have an expert team with a deep understanding of bees and pollination.

We monitor and adjust bee activity throughout the flowering season to ensure full pollination of your crop. You never have to worry about how many hives to stock, or whether to bring in more — we take care of pollination for you.

You pay one set service fee per hectare — we ensure pollination of your crop

Service available throughout Western Cape, South Africa