ALONE A song of the Dragon age

Hammer's pound... Lyrium bubbles... So loud, so bright.

Paragon Caridin was not wrong. As his craftsman sealed me inside, he told me the price of my service would be pain; and I felt exactly that...

I remember screaming, as the hot molten lyrium burned my old body away; but I knew this would be...

Sealed in this body of metal and rock, I awaken... alone. A child of the stone, I am reborn with a body to match. The enemy pushes us back, house after house, thaig after thaig, life after life. No more, I am the rock on which this tide of blood will break. I am a golem, instrument of my king, and avenger of the dwarven people.

The warmth of Orzammar is far away now. New legionaries do not speak of the cold, but I can see them shiver in the endless night of the deep. Would I could still feel the gentle hand of my husband, or my daughter's soft hair. They say the greatest suffering a parent can know is the loss of a child. 'They' could never know. We march on, this 'legion of the dead'. . . against the darkness. Through the deep roads of our ancestors to destinations unknown.

You never hear them coming. These darkspawn, they crawl through cracks and pitfalls like surfacer rats. Vermin, I will deal with them. The legionaries draw their weapons and shout alarms! I need no sword, I am the sword. I need no shield, I am the shield. I am the stone. I fear no evil and run to where the fighting is thickest.

I smash.

I pound.

I crush.

An 'alpha' rakes his sword against my shale chest, it does not avil him. As I choke the breath from his lungs, it is quiet again.

Friends and foes are still now. But I can never rest. I will push deeper where others cannot. My resolve hardens to stone, as I march on... alone.

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Sean Rowe

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