Living life in the fast lane Doug Von Koenig | Stevensville, mi

Taking road trips in his classic car, riding his motorcycle, and regularly running 5Ks—at 63-years-old most people would say Stevensville resident, Doug Von Koenig, lives life in the fast lane. However, when his right hip began to hurt, and simple things such as walking short distances became difficult, Doug knew he needed to find a solution.

After a visit with his primary care physician, Michael Mayle, DO, Doug was scheduled for X-rays and an MRI to further diagnose the issue. Dr. Mayle also suggested that Doug meet with an orthopedic surgeon.

From his first appointment with orthopedic surgeon, Jeffrey Postma, DO, Doug felt at ease. They quickly bonded over their love for classic cars.

“Dr. Postma met all my expectations. He was right there with me, explaining everything along the way. He answered my questions before I even thought to ask them.”

Dr. Postma reviewed Doug’s MRI and shared that he had developed arthritis to the hip due to avascular necrosis. This is the loss of blood supply to the hip ball and it causes a collapse of the bone. Doug was an excellent candidate for a total hip replacement. Eager to be back to living life pain free, Doug wasted no time scheduling his surgery at Lakeland Hospital Watervliet.

“Dr. Postma told me what I could expect in the next 24 hours and days to come. He was very clear on what I could do and the limitations I would have.”

Excited to get back behind the wheel, Doug had planned a seven-hour trip to a Fiat® car show in Tennessee.

“My work and hobbies are important to me, so I didn’t want to be out of commission for too long.”

Just four weeks and one day after surgery, he was ready to hit the road again. Eight weeks after surgery Doug was back to riding his motorcycle on a trip across the east coast.

Doug is looking forward to more road trips in his future and his one-year surgery milestone where he plans to get back to his previous running schedule.

“I was grateful that my life was able to keep moving forward. Dr. Postma and his entire team delivered a perfect experience.”

To learn more about Doug's story, visit spectrumhealthlakeland.org/von-koenig

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Katie Peden


Photos by Ryan Sebretchs