Enlightment Thinkers by:Jose castanon / period 1

Summary of ideas

Catherine the great and as well a few others such as Voltaire were once enlighment thinkers. For example Catherine ruled Russia from 1762 to 1796 and within her time of ruling she performed a great job. Voltaire was a French enlightment writer and Philosopher in the 1700s. Voltaire wrote tragic plays and essays about his own country. He believed in Civil liberties such as religon freedom. Many thought he was very intelligent. Both of these leaders provided enlightment ideas that would lead their country into a more significant and absolute future.

Impact of ideas on society

Voltaires impact on society

Voltaire improved education with his plays and essays. He was an enlightment thinker that helped his countries government. He was a great french advocate that later helped America's founding fathers learn about new science concepts. He had given his rightful opinions and thoughts on freedoms. Throughout history he influenced the young minds of France and America til today.

Since Voltaire wrote plays and believed that life was great, he would laugh in the worst situations at times. He had a whole postive outlook on the world and he didn't want to spend his whole life with such negative thoughts.

Voltaire challenged traditional beliefs by

Writing essays about equality. He wanted everyone to have the same power. The church use to always think that only a minimal of people get to have control, but when Voltaire introduced his ideas the old belief was soon to be forgotten.

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