College of Counseling & Healthcare University of the Nations

The Collegeof Counseling and Health Care aims to train and mobilize followers of Christ as agents of God’s healing in areas of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational health. An important focus of our graduates is the poor and needy. Students learn an integrated biblical model of ministry that is easily adaptable to different cultural and social settings, providing a powerful entry into the lives of individuals and families.

Our training programmes equip students in areas of biblical counseling and primary health care with ministry impacting individuals, families, communities and nations.

Biblical counseling helps people encounter God to receive revelation, healing, grace and spiritual authority. Our training programmes equip counselors to help others grow in personal and relational wholeness, dealing with poor personal choices, family issues, unresolved conflict, compulsive behaviors, and the wounds of injustice. Focused schools and seminars address issues relating to working with families, children and addictive behaviors.

Primary health care: Improved access to basic health care is a nearly universally felt need. Our health care training focuses on helping families and communities prevent and treat diseases and improve their water, nutrition and birth practice at the household level. Students learn skills in assessment, treatment, prevention, and education. Focused schools and seminars address working in areas of maternal health, community health development, malaria prevention and treatment, etc.

The sphere of society which is central to the College is that of family. The disciplines of counseling and health care minister to the family’s internal and external needs, equipping healthy and holy families as a basic building block for discipling the nations. Where possible, our desire is that health care and counseling work in an integrated way, recognizing that the health of the heart must be addressed before we also see lasting change in health of the body.

We have many different types of schools, in the following key areas...


Counseling Seminar

Counseling Model Seminar I, II & III

Foundations for Counseling Ministry & Field Assignment

Methods and Models in Biblical Counseling & Field Assignment

Couples and Family Counseling & Field Assignment

Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care Seminar

Simple Health Care for Oral Learners - Trainers Seminar I, II

Physical Fitness - Basic Certification

Introduction to Primary Health Care & Field Assignment

Applied Primary Health Care & Field Assignment

Medical Missions

Orientation to Medical Missions

Malaria Seminar

Pharmacology of Malaria

Physiopathology of Malaria

Tropical Community Health Care Seminar

HIV/AIDS Seminar

School of Malaria & Field Assignment

Children At Risk

Celebrating Children Workshop

Children At Risk & Field Assignment I & II

Birth Attendant

Childbirth and Doula Education Seminar

Introductory Birth Attendant School & Field Assignment

Applied Birth Attendant School & Field Assignment

Community Health

Arts and Healing

Destiny By Design

Healthy Sexuality

Prayer Ministry Seminar

Biblical World View Seminar

Tropical Community Health Care Seminar

Human Performance Instructor Certification

Missions Strategies

Community Health Development, Field Assignment & Internship

Addictive Behaviour Schools

Addictive Beahaviour Counseling School & Field Assignment

Family Ministries

Destiny By Design

Marriage and Relationship Workshop I, II, III & IV

Couples and Family Counseling & FIeld Assignment

Family Ministry School & Field Assignment

Missionary Care

Missionary Care Seminar & Practicum

Destiny By Design

Prayer Ministry Seminar

You can also receive Associates & Bachelors degrees in the College of Counseling & Healthcare...

Foundational Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts in Counseling

Associate of Arts in Family Ministries

Associate of Science in Maternal Health

Associate of Science in Primary Health Care

Bachelor of Arts in Counseling

Bachelor of Arts in Counseling and Health Care

Bachelor of Science in Maternal Health

Bachelor of Science in Primary Health Care



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